EDIT 3: Sorted, got a warehouse X5 on sale instead.  Thanks.

EDIT 2: I love this phone and would like another one, maybe 2 for family, soo....

If you have one, as below, for Vodafone 900/2100MHz 3G/extended 3G bands, in good condition, I'd like to know about it.


EDIT: Have now purchased a P500 via PM.  Thanks!  


Hi there,

I'm after a working LG P500 phone. 
There are a cheap on trademe but I'd prefer something with a history I can trust Wink
Maybe you've had one and want to upgrade to something better etc?

* Looking to use on the Vodafone network if that's an issue.
Reasonably good condition ~ no major scratches etc.

PM if you have something and we can go from there.