Hi guys,

There is no known issues on the network at this stage, if you are experiencing speed or browsing issues please let me know with your account number. Ping related issues are likely to be connected to something else and basic troubleshooting must be carried out before anything else.

First of all is always going to be physical connections, you must prove your line rates are normal(you can find this in your modem's status screen usually). If they are not, there may be a line fault or hardware fault.

Secondly, you need to be connected to the modem via ethernet cable. Try a different filter, different phone jack and different modem if possible.

Speed tests must be done to local speed test servers as well as international and it is best if you do these on Slingshot's speed test because we receive the results on your account.

Screen shots of Tracert's are helpful and we advise you do these to www.slingshot.co.nz and www.google.com, following this we advise you go through and ping each hop individually.

Please supply as much information in a private message as possible, this will help in a prompt resolution.