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  #137235 11-Jun-2008 09:10
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Yup, the upgraded seems to have fixed the AoC issue for me at least, I've not had a single 10k spike since the upgrade went through.


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  #137237 11-Jun-2008 09:16
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I logged a ticket with them last night, something is still not quite right.

I have been using a tunnel program to get around the issues and I tried to run without it last night. Ventrillo still cut out and got huge lag spikes so I had to run that thru the tunnel to get it stable, AoC I actually managed to run most of the night without the tunnel but still had maybe a dozen 10k lag spikes and had to use the tunnel around 8-9pm.

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#137270 11-Jun-2008 11:41
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Ooh in a fit of rage at my frustrating Xtra connection I signed up for Orcons Gold+ ... and THEN came to read all 18 pages here praying that by page 19 everyone was shouting for joy that all was well again... but it seems not! Oh dear I hope I've not been too hasty.


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  #137281 11-Jun-2008 11:54
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jonnykane: Ooh in a fit of rage at my frustrating Xtra connection I signed up for Orcons Gold+ ... and THEN came to read all 18 pages here praying that by page 19 everyone was shouting for joy that all was well again... but it seems not! Oh dear I hope I've not been too hasty.


Not every one is still having such slow speeds, like I am nearly back to my normal speeds of (400-500KB/s) so if your lucky you should be fine too.

But im on ADSL 1 so i can't say how people on ADSL 2+ are going.

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  #137288 11-Jun-2008 12:09
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Geez maybe Orcon saw my post and rushed my Homehub over so I don't cancel, it just turned up literally 10 mins after I posted my comment! Spooky. A day and a half after sign up so that's a good start :)

Fingers crossed

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  #137368 11-Jun-2008 15:50
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jonnykane: Geez maybe Orcon saw my post and rushed my Homehub over so I don't cancel, it just turned up literally 10 mins after I posted my comment! Spooky. A day and a half after sign up so that's a good start :)

Fingers crossed

I'm on their LLU/ADSL2+ plan, but even when I was on ADSL1 I was experiencing really poor international speeds.  After their bandwidth upgrade, nothing changed for me.... after 3 days, I gave up and signed up to Xnet.  Then THE NEXT DAY everything came right, my speeds are awesome now, not a single issue!  Spooky is right.  

I cancelled my change over to Xnet. Orcon don't fail me now!

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  #137488 11-Jun-2008 21:24
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Well , the next day after the new lot of bandwith was commissioned EVERYTHING was WORKING for me (NOT AT FULL SPEEDS,but it was STABLE) i could go on vent and talk , good ping , wow was good ,FLV videos loaded abit better,download speeds went a tiny bit up.. everything was good.

However 5 days later, everything has broken down again.. big sigh , for a second after having a big rant that i will leave orcon i thought i saw hope , not anymore. I am a gamer and i could NOT have a single satisfying GAME SINCE 20TH-ISH OF MARCH A.K.A RELEASE OF ADSL2+ cause of this BS unstableness(Lag,spikes,Disconnections!) Come on Orcon , before i fork out my disconnection fee,show me that you guys were still as great as you were.

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  #137661 12-Jun-2008 16:33
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Yes I agree....GAMING IS THE PROBLEM ! I'm still lagging and getting an unstable connection with ping spikes while gaming. I'm happy enough with general web brousing and the odd download. But still not where I was in March/April this year when the trouble started to occur. Everything was perfect then. I left Telecom's XTRA service because of results like this while gaming and I could do it again. I thank Orcon's Duncan Blair and Co for being up front and giving feedback here at Geekzone for their customers...its much appreciated. This is the reason I'm still with Orcon and have faith in them to fix the problem....eventually. Unlike Telecom's XTRA customer service where they deny anything is wrong with poor service and lies. Currently I'm being very patient here and probably deserve some kind of compensation. I'd also like to thank Orcon for keeping their status page uptodate regardless of whether its positve or negative...just keep on keeping your customers informed regularly and we'll be much more understanding.


System Status

Current Issues

Slow international content speeds

Some users are currently experiencing intermittent slow speeds when accessing international content on the Orcon network. This has been caused by a number of issues, including hardware failure (that has now been resolved). The outstanding issue is that because of the demand for our broadband products exceeding our forecasts we are now waiting for additional international bandwidth to be provisioned.

Update 5/06/08: Great news! The bandwidth upgrade is scheduled for tonight at approximately 8pm. You may notice a period of a few minutes around this time when your connection slows dramatically - this is because we have to take one of our bandwidth providers off-line to install the upgrade. Once installed however users should notice a significant improvement in performance.



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  #137721 12-Jun-2008 22:23
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I think Orcon got to the bottom of things, at last.

If you have a look at their system status page, the main message is in fact old.
But if you scroll down it says:

2008-05-05 - 2008-05-12: Some Orcon broadband customers were experiencing slower than normal speed when accessing content from international servers. Our engineers have now resolved the problem which was caused by one of our routers routing traffic incorrectly.

Now this is what I've been saying all along.
Those guys don't know their own setup anymore and don't know how to manage all of their flashy kit.
It may be good now but hold on to your wires. But the looks of things we're on for another ride in a couple of months' time again.

And again, extra bandwidth????
I don't think so.
The only extra bandwidth we might have got was a small chunk of what they allocate to voice traffic (Orcon being a phone provider and all).
They obviously want to have a sizeable chunk of network with good QoS for that.
So it simply must have been a change in setup of some of the gear.


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  #137869 13-Jun-2008 19:02
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International speeds once again turn to custard after 6:30pm even after the bandwidth upgrade. Which renders youtube/ any online games that require international bandwidth unplayable. I thought orcon prioritised traffic for gaming but it seems like they deprioritise everything?

On Orcon Zeroshock  FS/128 atm.

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  #138526 16-Jun-2008 19:22
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It has been several days since the last update here on the bandwidth problems at Orcon.

I, probably just as much as all others who participated in this post, would like to know exactly what the technical problem with your routers was.
And also how that fits with your claims about increased bandwidth, which most of us haven't noticed.

It's been apparent to us that international connection problems were not due to lack of bandwidth, but rather caused by technical issues at yout network level.
It's also sad to see that you are coming out as the fourth worst internet provider.
I guess the length of this post seems now a bit more justified and vindicated.

Way to go from getting awards for being best to serving us second-class service.

Any comments?


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  #138626 17-Jun-2008 09:01
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Hi dauckland/all,

I believe I already mentioned that the hardware problem we had was with our SCE (or Layer 7 traffic management appliance). This was incorrectly classifying (and therefore incorrectly prioritising) traffic classes.

This was resolvecd 2 weeks before we added additional bandwidth.

The problems were caused initially by this problem, once this was resolved it became apparent that we also needed additional bandwidth. This was then added (as discussed at length in this forum). Most users are now reporting improved performance, those with outstanding problems are likely to be caused by other issues, e.g. exchange overcrowding.

I assume that you are talking about the Epitiro/IDC report for the Commerce Commission with regards to your claim of us as 'fourth worst service provider'. I would encourage you to read that report thoroughly (I believe you can download it from the Herald website). The report actually praises Orcon as one of the best broadband service providers, however during that period (Jan - March) we were migrating mail servers which adversely affected our email delivery round trip times - this hurt our overall score.

I would also like to point out that that report was not measuring our ADSL2+ unbundled connections, only our wholesale UBS connections.

I hope this answers your questions.

I am happy to answer any more questions that you might have.

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  #138627 17-Jun-2008 09:06
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so for people with exchange congestion, the problem would be solved by going on the ADSL 2+ network?

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#138631 17-Jun-2008 09:17
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Hi Duncan, if exchange overcrowding is the cause of some of the issues customers are experiencing, and performance is seriously impeded, what kind of advocacy can and does Orcon do on these customers' behalf?

Obviously for customers running data-sensitive businesses from home, these issues make a huge difference to productivity. But if we as the end user try and lobby Telecom on the issues, we're told to go back to the ISP.

So I guess what I'm seeking is some sort of indication about the extent to which orcon is an advocate to Telecom on our behalf, if the problems are really not at the Orcon end.

In my own case, I was getting a very impressive 17 MB downstream ADSL2 connection to the Linwood Exchange, but on average about 50 KBP/Sec to US sites. Eventually my support request just seemed to drop off the radar with no further correspondence, so I switched to Vodafone, which is actually far worse for me. I now have an ADSL connection rather than ADSL2, and about 20/25 KBP/Sec.

Having read the Report indicating Christchurch has the worst broad band of all the major cities, I'm very willing to except Telecom is the culprit here. But it would be nice to find an ISp where you felt they were really going into bat for you, even if all their systems are good. After all, what matters to the customer is the user experience, no matter who's to blame.

Thanks for your thoughts and for continuing to dialogue with us here.


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  #138647 17-Jun-2008 10:22
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after my 3rd major problem with orcon i've finally quit my new gold+ account, internet gaming Lag spikes still persist for me, but what really made my mind up was a comment by an orcon technical help specialist.
1) switched over to orcon llu plan = no internet for 5 days.
2) internet finally working but high lag spikes for a week.
3) internet stops working for 5 days= authentication issue at exchange, hardware reset takes 5days to get authorised by orcon manager, which then takes place in peak hours (disconnecting a large group of people on the same hardware). IMO just one problem after another followed by poor decision making. To top it all off, it appears that an Orcon customer is responsible for following up compensation rather than being proactively contacted by Orcon for abismal service or in my case none at all.

Being pre billed at $120 p/m on a day when my internet isn't even working because of an Orcon problem is a slap in the face...
and even then the invoice arrived by email - which i could'nt read of course...

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