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Master Geek

  #132659 22-May-2008 22:39
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as I said previously I've received their hidiously expensive personalized A3 mailout arrive this week trying to get me to sign up for their LLU services....after that last couple of weeks ... Thanks but no thanks and I won't be using them as a service provider at work either.

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  #132685 23-May-2008 07:23
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I'm going to be making a complaint to the Fair Trading Division of the Commerce Commission - alledging misleading and deceptive advertising on the website (specifically the status page). We have all spent ten years with various ISPs having completely misleading status pages and nothing has been done about it.

I would hate to think how many man hours are wasted each year trying to deduce where the network problem is only to find out it is on the ISP side.


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Master Geek

  #132818 23-May-2008 15:40
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What I find particularly annoying is Orcon representatives coming on the forum and asking for assistance from their users. Despite several people responding to those requests with detailed information, no one from Orcon has even bothered to acknowledge it. I've never had a problem with Orcon in the two years I've been with them until now, and I'm seriously considering switching to Xnet but I need to check out their VFX offering first.

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Ultimate Geek

Lifetime subscriber

  #132829 23-May-2008 16:22
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To be fair though, these issues are not unique to orcon. Xnet users have been complaining elsewhere on Geekzone about slow speeds and no comment from the ISP about resolution.

Assuming this isn't some equipment failure somewhere, these things seem to be cyclical. An ISP gets a good rep, becomes popular as a result, and then slows to a crawl under the strain of all the users. Enough users get annoyed, move on, and so it goes.


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Master Geek

  #132835 23-May-2008 16:40
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jmosen - I've read some of the Xnet posts, but as I'm with Orcon, they are the only ones I can complain about. The option to move to Xnet is based on the new Torrent plan.

My comment about lack of response is the main gripe. People have supplied lots of information, but there hasn't even been a post to say "thanks, we'll check it out". One of the posts that really caught my attention is on the third page ( The same file is downloaded, once with an EXE extension and once without. With the EXE extension, the speed was 7KB/s and the one without was 190KB/s. Assuming they were done around the same time to warrant a fair comparison, it's one hell of a difference in speed for the same file, when the only difference is the file extension.

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  #132839 23-May-2008 16:56
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Hi Photoman,

Yes they were done at exactly the same time. I repeated the test more than once. I also tried the same thing the next day with the Mars Phoenix HD Trailer (i think it was an mp4 video - approx 140 MB in size). Exactly the same results - with the extension slow as a dog, without relatively fast.

Too me, this is pretty conclusive evidence that Orcon are deliberately inspectiing and diddling around with our private communications.

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Master Geek

  #132927 23-May-2008 23:25
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Slightly off topic, but an update on an earlier query I had about Skype and the current speed issue. The two kids got to speak to their grandparents in the UK this evening and even got to see them. However, the video delay was in the region of 2 to 2.5 minutes. The grandparents could still see the kids minutes after they went away from the PC. At least it worked.


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#133070 24-May-2008 23:10
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Come on it's semefinals, am donwloading 30-40 KB/s ----> BUFFERING!

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Master Geek

  #133072 24-May-2008 23:28
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Their service really is completely cr?p at the moment in the Auckland CBD.I've been trying to download a small exe from Microsoft. 5kBytes speed, YouTube takes 4 minutes to download 7 seconds of video, BBC audio rubberbands for the first 30 secs or so when streaming at 64kbits.
Http speeds are OK however soit really does look like they are doing some very over zealous traffic shaping. I'm guessing they really don't have enough intl bandwidth to feed all those shiny adsl2 connections they 've been pushing.

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  #133075 24-May-2008 23:33
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it's 11.30pm, been getting crap speed.
might as well to head to bed now.

gg orcon

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Ultimate Geek


  #133126 25-May-2008 16:00
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Well I think Orcon has given up on trying to fix this problem, as some people have said, too many people are using Orcon now and it's just slowing down there whole network. eg, im getting a sync  rate of 5600 and this morning I could download at 615KB/s (every one still sleeping) now every one is up and im getting 100-200KB/s :(

Orcon has the same problem all the rest of the ISPs are having now, so ether they will do what they are doing or will will keep having slow speeds on peak times :(

(eg, Slingshot is getting a plan so all the heavy downloads will move to off peak time to download and xNet has already done this, now it's Orcons turn.)

Oh and I tried to have a look at some youtube videos today and as other people are saying it needs burrering constantly (I left it on pause for a few mins before I could watch it)

and Just in case there is still some people from Orcon looking at this forum then here is another traceroute: (this is just one of the links that are still slow, 50-100KB/s)

Traceroute has started ...


traceroute to (, 64 hops max, 40 byte packets

 1 (  8.197 ms  1.411 ms  1.547 ms

 2 (  32.117 ms  31.212 ms  106.710 ms

 3  * (  60.006 ms *

 4 (  34.564 ms  31.665 ms  29.855 ms

 5 (  29.396 ms  36.172 ms  32.140 ms

 6 (  154.807 ms  159.631 ms  158.042 ms

 7 (  156.358 ms  153.585 ms  156.361 ms

 8 (  162.572 ms  154.778 ms  153.857 ms

 9 (  155.526 ms (  156.113 ms (  155.138 ms

10 (  185.649 ms (  189.284 ms (  185.049 ms

11 (  165.368 ms  167.342 ms (  165.596 ms

12 (  161.735 ms (  198.984 ms  197.078 ms

13 (  165.212 ms  168.107 ms  163.752 ms

14  * * *

15  * * *

16  * * *

17  * * *

18  * * *


This morning:




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Master Geek

  #133177 25-May-2008 19:57
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Been having problems here with most streaming apps on Orcon. Was interested to hear photomans comment about Skype, I get similar with Vent.

My flatmate and I play MMOs and share a connection, both getting similar problems. Latency is all over the place from 300ms to 9000ms across a range of games (like WoW, AoC, ect), turning the game at some times into a slideshow.
Ventrillo will quickly backlog conversations, leaving me about 2-3 minutes behind or suddenly playing 30 seconds of conversation in 1 hit all over the top of itself.

Our experiences occur under these circumstances:
* CBD location (apartment block)
* Vista PCs (Home and Pro)
* Pre and post ADSL2 (currently on Orcon+ plan)
* Same experience using 2 different routers (Dynalink and Siemens)
* Seems to be any time of the day, but usually afternoon and evenings

QUESTION: Any other Orcon gamers having similar experiences?
Not sure if it's just me, or something I should be asking Orcon for help with...

For me it means I have been benched for all the competative elements of gameplay (Arenas, raids, etc...). That's like having to watch your soccer team from the sideline every Saturday because you never know when your laces will come un-tied. It may be just a game, but it's still not fun to miss out.
Other Kiwis in my guilds are saying they are not having the same issues, but none of those are with Orcon so it's not a fair comparrison.

Thanks for sharing :)

>>Edit - Woops. Looks like I came in on page 2 of this thread, so missed that it was a thread for giving dl speed feedback against specific sites.
Just went to that first link and started downloading fedora iso. D/L speed fluctuates a lot between 350 and 800 KB/sec, but stayed within that envelope. So yeah, my above concerns still apply, but there you go with some feedback about downloads.
I'm on platinum+. Test was done in Firefox3 default downloader at 10:45pm

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  #133213 25-May-2008 23:20
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Can we please have the ORCON staff at least explain it to us? I bet thy're reading this.

I don't bother calling them because everytime they just give me the same answer which doesn't solve my problem at all.

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Master Geek


  #133353 26-May-2008 18:52
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Hi guys,

Firstly, my apologies for not replying for a few days, I have been away from work (and trying to take a break from the internet as much as possible too!).

Back now though, and here to answer your questions.

We think that we have resolved most (if not all) of these issues now. However, if you are still experiencing issues with certain sites please let us know (either by posting here or lodging a fault ticket).

It is also worth noting that sties are bandwidth constrained at the delivery end, in these situations there is obviously nothing that we can do. T

Thanks again for everyone who has helped us out providing information.

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#133355 26-May-2008 19:07
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Thanks for your post Thomas.
I just tried to the call the 0800 support number to get the out of service / busy tone 3 times. 
4th time it rang and after 20 mins I gave up listening to the Hold music.

My major problem with Orcon Broadband is 1 the very slow international traffic speeds that randomly occur and 2 I am completely unable to use the Ventrillo voice program.  I use it in combination with playing World of Warcraft.   I get the same results with and without the game even open, I can connect to US based Ventrillo servers, I start to hear other players for about 12 seconds, it begins to lag, the talking either becomes longer and longer behind with a lot of starting and stopping or just goes silent for about 30 secs and then disconnects me, it reconnects after a while and the process repeats over and over.  Making it unusable.
I have the following HelpDesk Tickets for it:

No-one has replied to me about it, via e-mail they tell me to ring back to check the status.  I've sent about 10 e-mails to the Support address with modem details, adsl settings, pings, tracerts, logs, traffic captures from Wireshark and anything else that I think might be of use, now to the point where I get e-mails saying "Thanks, but we have enough logs..."

I am on the ZeroShock plan and I've tried with the HelpDesk 3 times to tryout the non-ZeroShock 'Test Account' but it just hasn't worked.  I don't even know if that's part of the problem, but from forums and posts I've been reading I don't think it is.

I'm not sure if changing ISP is going to help but if I can't get Ventrillo working in the next week or 2 I'm going to start looking elsewhere.


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