Ragnor: http://www.comcom.govt.nz/IndustryRegulation/Telecommunications/StandardTermsDeterminations/SubloopUCLLservice/DecisionsList.aspx

Wow.  Clearly a complex issue.  I see that there's a conference on this next week run by the Commerce Commission.  Hopefully it will all be sorted by the time we're cabinetised in 2010.

I guess my only comment would be that there must be a point at which it's simply not economic for another supplier to put additional equipment in a cabinet.  For example, our local cabinet will serve (I guess) a few hundred homes.  If half have broadband, and say 10% of those use Orcon, then that's really not a very large number.

Then I should hope I get lucky, because my exchange provides a broadband service to nearly 10000 homes.