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Ultimate Geek

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  #373717 27-Aug-2010 19:24
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Do we even have real broadband in this country? 

If you're with Telecom, yeah there is real broadband. Streaming video is usually the test I first make when I want to find out the performance of an internet connection. Always fine on Telecom, but variable (well only just acceptable at best) on Orcon.

My flat is Orcon+ (LLU) and my mum is Telecom (Cabinet). Both have similar sync speeds to the exchange/cabinet, but I'm always blown away at how much smoother streaming experience is on Telecom -- especially to international sites.

To be honest I'm tired of people complaining about how bad broadband is in New Zealand, since 9 times out of them the person complaining about NZ broadband is with an ISP other than Telecom. For some reason people say "oh that's too expensive" when I suggest switching to Telecom -- well you pay for what you get...

- James

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Uber Geek


  #374079 29-Aug-2010 03:59
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In my opinion ISP's like Slingshot, Orcon and Vodafone are running a much worse ratio of customers vs international bandwidth than ISP's like Telecom, Maxnet and Telstra.

This isn't exactly news and is reflected in the fact that the former charge less than the later for their services and usage.


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Ultimate Geek

  #374123 29-Aug-2010 10:18

Telecom's charging excess traffic at same price as Orcon now.

New telecom plan offers double traffic for 6months.

I think given those promotions, Telecom's cheaper than Orcon.

Telecom's total home package with 40GB is

$99 + $30 = $128

My orcon package is phoneline + 50GB data pack is

$130 all up.

However right now Telecom's priced at double datarate, so 80GB for first 6 months, 40 after. An average of 60GB...

does that mean the performance will suffer in the future? 

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Master Geek

  #374287 29-Aug-2010 20:28
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I'll be changing to Telelcom (real ADSL2+!) this week on the Pro plan if all goes well :)

The benefits people are mentioning/reporting/promoting with Telecom seem to be a good tonic for the total inconsistency offered by Orcon for the last few months/years.  I want my sanity back!


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  #374520 30-Aug-2010 20:38
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Yeah i was thinking of changing to the telecom pro or one of their business plans which they said was possible too.
Finally got connected to the cabinet after a month of sub 2mbps.
Routers syncing at
 Maximum line rate: 19532 kbps (downstream) / 952 kbps (upstream)
Noise margin: 11.7 dB (downstream) / 14.9 dB (upstream)
Line attenuation: 6.2 dB (downstream) / 4.4 dB (upstream)
Output power: 18.3 dBm (downstream) / 12.5 dBm (upstream)

1.20pm Auckland & 8.30pm

1.30pm LA

8.30pm LA


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Master Geek

  #374592 30-Aug-2010 23:13
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Telecom Broadband Pro plan ordered.

I really do hope you work your shizzle out Orcon. 


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Uber Geek


  #374651 31-Aug-2010 07:04
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Daylo: Telecom Broadband Pro plan ordered.

I really do hope you work your shizzle out Orcon. 


How did you do your notice of termination to Orcon?
Written letter, email, over the phone?

I'm going to give my notice in. I am heading overseas on Friday for three weeks and my orginal plan was to give my notice when I come back (if performance hadn't improved). But considering my upload is better than my download is better at the moment the thought of waiting until the 22nd October with this speed is driving me insane.

I do have concern that because they stuffed up two other areas for me this month - that this isn't going to go well.


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Ultimate Geek

  #374688 31-Aug-2010 09:07
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When I moved to Telstra, they told Orcon. But I still gave them a call to make sure everything was canceled as I've had bad experiences with Orcon in the past.

One other time I spent 30-40 minutes listening to hold music only to be told I need to send an email from my Orcon account stating I wanted to cancel the services.

Then when that got ignored, I called up Telecom and told them to cancel the phone line, about 2 weeks later I get an email from Orcon saying they cant close the account because the phone line didn't exist.

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Master Geek

  #374694 31-Aug-2010 09:14
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As part of the Telecom signup they send you a form to fill out that you complete your Orcon details in i.e. account name, account name etc. so that they can represent you for the changeover.
I will also still be calling Orcon to advise them, as it seems people can sometimes become glued to their internal process failure.

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Master Geek

  #374785 31-Aug-2010 11:25
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Just another FYI.  DSL boffins please examine.

--- System Information ---
Vendor: Linksys
ModelName: WAG320N
Firmware Version: 1.00.12 , 2010-03-22T10:51:43
Boot Version: 1.06
Hardware Version: 0.01

--- DSL Information ---
DSL Driver Version:  AnnexA version - A2pB023k.d21d
DSL VPI/VCI:         0/100
DSL Status:          Showtime
DSL Mode:            ADSL2+
DSL Channel:        
DSL Upstream Rate:   1012 Kbps
DSL Downstream Rate: 18323 Kbps

                      Down         up   
DSL Noise Margin:    12.1 dB      13.2 dB
DSL Attenuation:     11.5 dB       4.1 dB
DSL Transmit Power:  18.6 dBm     12.4 dBm

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Master Geek

  #374833 31-Aug-2010 12:27
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@Daylo, your modem stats look excellent. You shouldn't have any noise or attenuation issues.
Any problems you experience therefore, are probably due to your isp.
Same situation as me!

Could you guys in this thread who make the plunge and DO (or have) switch(/ed) over to Telecom from Orcon do us a favour and come back and post your results/experiences here on this thread after it's changed over?
I'm mostly interested in how does the speed of youtube compare?
Right now, on Orcon, I can't load a youtube video without it freezing for 20 seconds every 2 seconds, and that's in low resolution, and most of the time, not just during peak.
I'm interested to know if the same thing happens with Telecom.
I don't mind if it's occasionally; but all the time or frequently is ridiculous.

and I don't really care if file sharing and torrenting is slow, I can understand reasons for limiting bandwidth on that, but not html stuff.


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Master Geek

  #374848 31-Aug-2010 12:40
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Yep I posted my stats here to show more of where my grief lies ... with Orcon.  I never did respond to the "We understand your frustration but you have to run this list of tests...." email from my logged ticket. I've done ALL the tests numerous times myself and don't need to be run around the bush.  There is STILL no response from anyone at Orcon suggesting any issues either.

I'll make sure to respond with some test results here over the next week or so once I'm migrated over to my Pro plan.  Expected set up date is the 2nd of September - ADSL2+, interleaving off, static IP address, no set sync speed caps and 80GB of traffic for 6 months ... thereafter back to 40GB.

Who knows ... could be a darker place but I expect not.

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Uber Geek


  #374868 31-Aug-2010 13:24
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Daylo, did you give Orcon 30 days notice before setting up with Telecom, or are you still paying Orcon at the same time as you start paying Telecom - ie to have next to no time without internet connectivity?

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Master Geek

  #374870 31-Aug-2010 13:25
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@daylo, thanks, I look forward to seeing results! Hope it's a big improvement, and if so I'll change too, but I'll miss out on the extra double data for 6 months, unless I change TODAY.

You might be interested in what I got from Orcon, due to me being extremely proactive about it:


"Thank you for taking your time to email us. I can confirm that there is no speed reduction being placed on YouTube to any Orconcustomers. Can you please advise us if you have having significant issues with other websites and we can look further into launching a slow speeds investigation for you.

Thank you again for your email and if you require further assistance please call us on 0800 13 14 15
Kind regards,

Michael Ciuchini" 


"Thank you for your email regarding your Orcon Broadband Connection.

I understand you are experiencing slow speeds when accessing You Tube, in particular, and would like this investigated.

I have performed some testing on your line and have found perfect results. Your connection speed is superior. There are three factors that are likely to be causing this issue. Firstly, Firefox has an auto-save function that can interrupt media streaming, please refrain from using Firefox when accessing You Tube. Secondly, contrary to what has been advised by my colleague, Orcon has a de-prioritisation policy that affects international HTTP and peer to peer traffic, particularly at peak times. Thirdly, if you are finding that playback pauses when streaming progress is ahead of the point of playback, this is a You Tube media player issue and not caused by your connection.

Do you experience the same issue when streaming from TVNZ OnDemand? Orcon customers benefit from zero-rated Data transfers from the TVNZ website. This will also allow a comparison against You Tube media streaming.

May I ask that you continue to monitor your connection speed and You Tube playback? If this problem persists, I am happy to explore ways in which improvements can be made.

I hope this information has been helpful. If I can be of any further assistance, please feel free to contact me on 0800 13 14 15 or simply reply to this email.

Kindest Regards,

Clare Zwaan "

And finally:

 "Thank you for your prompt reply to my earlier email.

I appreciate you carrying out these tests. Judging from the results, the issue you are experiencing is caused by bandwidth shaping.

In response to your query, Orcon de-prioritise HTTP and P2P traffic. In addition to this, speeds can often bottleneck at the handover link to our supplier which can affect all traffic. The latter is under review, Orcon are working to find ways in which to avoid these handover links. This is expected to take approximately 6 weeks to resolve completely. If your connection is identified as eligible for this upgrade, this work will be undertaken on your behalf.

Orcon's de-prioritisation policies are designed to share traffic fairly between our customers. While this policy certainly has some merit, it seems that it is affecting standard traffic such as YouTube, which I have brought to the attention of my Management Team. Sadly, it is unlikely that these policies will change drastically. I hope that a handover link upgrade improves the consistency of your connection speed.

I realise this is not the outcome you were looking for but I hope you can also understand our perspective on this. If I can be of any further assistance, please feel free to contact me on 0800 13 14 15 or simply reply to this email.

Kindest Regards,

Clare Zwaan"

 I made bold the parts of particular relevance. Interesting stuff, no?
I hope it's okay to post that info in the forums like that. 

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Ultimate Geek

  #374898 31-Aug-2010 14:39
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6 weeks to resolve the handover issue, yeah right. Its been how many months now.

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