polglase: So I've signed up, made the credit card payment and downloaded the client this morning.

No welcome email and when I run the backup client I get this:

[Http.UnableToConnectExpt] [Http.SocketPack.getNewSocket] Unable to connect to sHostname='' sHostIP='' port='443' type='NS' sProxyHost='' sProxyPort='' sProxyUser='' sProxyPwd='' 

Not a good start... 

Following email received from backflip support yesterday:

 This appears to be a routing issue with Xtra.

 We will contact their network operations and get this sorted

  I’ll keep you up to date.


They have resolved the routing issue with xtra and I have attempted my first backup. I selected the whole drive and it took a long time to fail.

Second attempt I just selected the users directory (Win7) and it seems to be progressing well. Solid 800kb/s upload speed and has been running for 22 hours. Still got a long way to go of course.