I’m using Orcon Genius and Mac with Home Network. However the Network is the Genius yet I find that my Mac goes Offline after a period of time and need to re start the Mac and some times the Genius also to get Broadband going again. This is somewhat of a pain and wastes time when in a hurry at time so I have a couple of questions hopeful someone can help me on this matter thanks.
1) Orcon Genius to stay Live Broadband with Mac
2) Mac stays online when Mac is on for the day and not time out having to restart 
3) Is there a way of setup so the Mac and Genius stay active with Broadband all time as we leave Mac on all day when were up as its a home/business office
4) We also use 2talk and have 2x other VOIP Phones (Snom 360) and Linksys IP Phone SPA922

Look forward to your feedback and setup fixes Embarassed