gehenna: I can never understand why people don't check with the ISP/Telco BEFORE posting. At least then things are under way on their side and then you can start trying the things that get suggested in your thread. Maximise your time people! :)

In my experience with Orcon reporting faults by phone can be very frustrating.  Try explaining to Orcon's helpdesk what Usenet is, that they have an nntp server and that it appears to be down.  I did - several times over several days.  Nothing was done - no ticket opened (because the helpdesk would not accept that Orcon offered Usenet with an nntp server).  Posted here, problem fixed within hours.

In the past I have reported problems using the Support webpages and Support email address and neither have resulted in anything except automated responses.

So - to me this forum is by far the most effective way of reporting Orcon problems because it works and compared to the alternatives there is far less frustration and the fix is speedy and effective.  The context though is that the service I get from Orcon is very reliable and therefore I can go years without problems.