Can someone help me understand Orcons troubleshooting process? After a couple of weeks of disconnections I've been working through the process with the helpdesk.

We're at the point where the call has been passed to 2nd level support (yah!). They are monitoring the line for 24 hours and I've been told they will then respond - within 10 days!

I can understand the need to monitor a line with intermittent issues but our line has been down for more than 90 minutes this morning alone. Surely that's enough to determine if the line or router is at fault?

If it's going to take 10 days wouldn't you just send out a new router which should only take a couple of days as a troubleshooting step?

Topping off the helpdesk experience was being told I should use a separate router rather than a network switch if I wanted more than four devices connected.

What I've found striking is the different experience this time compared to our previous line fault a few months ago. Orcon had a chorus tech out and the line fixed really quickly last time.