I'm attempting to use my Orcon Genius and DG834G in a Wireless Distribution System.

On my previous ISP I had used 2 DG834G to get the coverage I needed for 2 houses on 1 property.

I'd like for the network to be:

Internet > Genius > DG834G > Laptop
                    \               \
                Laptop        Computer

I've tried all I know to get the Genius to connect with my DG834G but I have been unsuccesful :(

At the moment I have my Genius' WDS ticked to connect with the MAC address of my DG834G.

My DG834G is set up (to the best of my knowledge) to connect with the Genius.

I have both routers setup with some what similar settings:

Genius -
DG834G -
WPA key is identical ( I think I may need to change it to a WEP key)
MAC addresses for all 3 computers have been entered on both routers.
The MAC addresses for both routers have been entered into each others settings so they can connect.
I'm not able to move the computers or routers from where they are located due to...personal restraints imposed upon me.
The SSID's are different.