So i moved house the other day, had Orcon set to be installed the day before i move in, got a message to say it was all gravy.

Come move in day, i cant connect. Attempt to coonect to the Genius via and it wont connect at all. Wired or wireless, even though both lights are on, and ADSL is also on. But no internet light.

Call Orcon, they tell me someone will be out in the next 1-3 working days to look at the line from house-exchange. Ignoring the fact that ive told them the Modem is the issue. And after the Tech comes and looks at the line (which was today, Working day #4) and he determines that the line is fine i will then have to wait 3-5 more working days for the replacement Genius.

Obviously that isnt acceptable. And i asked if i could use a 3rd Party Modem in the meantime will waiting for the Genius to arrive, to which i was told no, it wouldnt work. After some research i found a couple of links to this site saying i just need to Coax the PPP password from them, which has been a futile effort also, and as i cant even access my current genius i am unable to extract it from there either.

Anyone got any other ideas. Ive got a flat full of gamers starting to get really agitated at the lack of Internet.