For some time now I have not ever been able to get to the NZTA home website, though I have been able to get to


Yesterday I changed the Orcon Genius router (bobcat?) DNS settings to use Googles DNS servers ( and and I can now get to there.  Previously the setting was 'ISP managed' - so presumably there is a problem with Orcon's DNS.


Interestingly, I configured both the IPv4 and IPv6 Google servers - which killed all my wifi connections (got a 'cannot connect' error that 'could not be fixed' by the HP Support app. - wifi is all I usually use and I did not know what protocol was in use).  I found an old lan cable and used that to get into the router and take out the ipv6 server settings.  Interesting that a DNS setting can kill wifi access to the router.


Back to the original problem - why can I not get to with Orcons DNS?