TrueNet needs 25 DSL volunteers to be panellists on our testing and reporting project. (a mix of ADSL & VDSL) 


We have a new contract with the Commerce Commission to continue testing and reporting.  There are some changes though, and as a result we now need more Orcon ADSL and VDSL panelists.  It would be great if your area is not going to get fibre for a couple of years to help us to keep our numbers up.  We have had so many panelists migrate to fibre that we actually have enough Orcon fibre testers already.


Please volunteer here, the link takes you to our FAQ to assist you to see what you get from us - GigE router with double reach Wifi -  


Our probe - the wifi is recommended for use.  MikroTik RB/951G-2HnD - with our firmware installed so it is not a "free" router