Did you by any chance change the IP Range on the modem, if so you should leave it as Orcon set it (I had the same issue awhile back and that resolved the issue for me).





nope it's stock settings are still intact 




ubergeeknz: Spoken to the team which looks after router updates and such, and confirmed we aren't pushing firmware updates for the Fritz!Box at this stage.  


There are a lot of changes and new features in 6.80.  With any firmware update on our supplied/supported routers we have to first perform testing, update internal documentation, etc. and of course we give priority to updating firmware where there is a pattern of faults attributed to bugs, etc.  So, while the Fritz!Box firmware upgrade is likely something we will look at doing, I can't give any indication of the expected timeframe.




Well that's a shame as it looks like it contains some real neat stuff including updates to security and WIFI speeds and a few other bits n pieces like faster dns conversion from web name to IP address 




Seems I'll be finding a 7490 that you guys haven't frigged with so that updates are upto me when I want to do them