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  # 165948 21-Sep-2008 11:16
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hobsonlea: Seems Orcon has either
a) changed something for me or
b) some of their issues have fixed or
c) the finance sector meltdown has removed some bottlenecks or
d) its saturday morning or
e) ??

it's always fine in the morning

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Ultimate Geek

  # 165954 21-Sep-2008 11:26
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I've just signed up to Orcon not too long ago, and am really impressed with international speeds.

That said, p2p (bittorrent) traffic are so de-prioritised to the point I'm getting only 12kB/s MAX on a well seeded tracker (private tracker).

I hope to remain with Orcon for a long time to come, but if p2p traffic remains shaped so badly, I will have to consider switching. Then again, ISPs which do not shape p2p seem to be faring badly in terms of international speed, i.e. Xnet. Hmmm.... this is gonna be a difficult decision to make...


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Uber Geek


  # 166065 21-Sep-2008 17:22
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I'm going to add my two cents as well. I was with Supra and their naked broadband product, but I suffered real problems with international speeds, particularly during peak times, but realistically using the internet between about 11am and 11pm was pointless, especially when trying to download things.

I watched this thread closely but decided to give them a shot anyway, especially as there's no contract so I had nothing to lose. I got connected after about five days from signing up and couldn't be happier. I'm on the Purple+ plan and I consistently get the same high speeds regardless of what time of day it is, so I'm happy!

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Ultimate Geek

  # 166110 21-Sep-2008 20:54
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Yes speeds and now no latency gaming has improved to how it once was with Orcon 5 months ago. I'm disappointed its taken them 5 months to sort out and no compensation for all these frustrations and lack of service I have payed for over this time. But credit where credit is due...I can say I'm more than happy again in recent weeks. So good on Orcon for fixing issues and keeping its customers informed. Also a special thank you to Duncan Blair who has really given us great support here on the forums with regular updates and help over the past 5 months. So thank you Duncan all is well again with Orcon.


P.S Did Orcon purchase more bandwidth recently?

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  # 166542 23-Sep-2008 15:59
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It has improved abit to me,but ventrilo still is an issue for me.huge lag.

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  # 166770 24-Sep-2008 15:44
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its not the speeds that are the problem, in fact the speeds are pretty good,its the ping or latency that is causing me the headache any kind of online gaming has gone out the well as using skype to call europe (700+ ping now)
trying to play COD4 online to internode servers (which are ozzy servers) have gone from 40-80 to 170-200+  ping as you can see below,this is making it impossible to play.ive had a ticket with orcon for a couple of weeks now,ive replied 4x to there original email (no reply back) with tests that ive done for them (because ive got nothing better to do with my time, except to try and sort orcons sh*t out for them).ive rang god only knows how many times about this,with promises of techies phoning me back.....nothing heard.this is an on going problem for at least a couple of months now with one problem after another.

I am at my whits end, i will be leaving orcon once my contract is up , you can bet on that for sure.

this is from today

Tracing route to []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

  1    <1 ms    <1 ms    <1 ms  mygateway1.ar7 []
  2     8 ms     7 ms     8 ms
  3     7 ms     7 ms     7 ms  ae1 []
  4     7 ms     7 ms     7 ms []
  5    32 ms    31 ms    32 ms [
  6    32 ms    33 ms    34 ms []
  7    31 ms    31 ms    31 ms []
  8    31 ms    31 ms    31 ms []

  9   146 ms   156 ms   154 ms [150.101.1
 10   196 ms   195 ms   195 ms [
 11     *        *        *     Request timed out.
 12   196 ms   194 ms   195 ms [
 13   196 ms   195 ms   198 ms [
 14   195 ms   195 ms   194 ms []

 15   197 ms   196 ms   195 ms []

Trace complete.

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  # 166852 24-Sep-2008 19:26
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yeah,ive spoke to soon,

starting to get horrible pings everywhere,internationally,any time of the day except mornings and sometimes during noon.
starting to disconnect from msn messenger and games and VOIP applications.. on zeroshock plan.


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Wannabe Geek

  # 166925 25-Sep-2008 00:48
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Man Im getting the exact same thing with my gaming. I use to get 40-80 pings on most servers, now for most aussier servers (I.e internode which i usually play on for cs1.6) im getting crazy 170-200 pings and on a few nz servers (clearnet i think it was?) which is weird cause on some aussie servers im normal?


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Uber Geek


  # 166952 25-Sep-2008 08:59
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Tuesdays nite  downloads that normaly run at 3Mbits were running at 600Kbits , last nite it was basiacally back to normal. maybe they shift  the intl speed alocation around the country.  Fast in Auckland one day and Wellywood the next..



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  # 167113 25-Sep-2008 17:12
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ElLanzo: Man Im getting the exact same thing with my gaming. I use to get 40-80 pings on most servers, now for most aussier servers (I.e internode which i usually play on for cs1.6) im getting crazy 170-200 pings and on a few nz servers (clearnet i think it was?) which is weird cause on some aussie servers im normal?


not that im taking delight in your misfortune. but thank god im not the only orcon cant say its my line or some other cheap excuse. im in west auckland  the massey exchange.

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Master Geek

  # 167437 26-Sep-2008 20:50
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Duncan, when are we you guys going to fix this horrible game latency issue to australia??

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  # 167470 27-Sep-2008 10:30
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tracert to internode server #15 TDM HC (COD4)


Tracing route to over a maximum of 30 hops

  1    <1 ms    <1 ms    <1 ms  mygateway1.ar7 []
  2    29 ms    86 ms    57 ms
  3    23 ms    22 ms    23 ms []
  4    23 ms    23 ms    23 ms []
  5    46 ms    23 ms    23 ms []
  6    48 ms    47 ms    47 ms [
  7    47 ms    49 ms    47 ms []
  8    46 ms    47 ms    47 ms []
  9    47 ms    47 ms    46 ms []

 10   161 ms   160 ms   160 ms [150.101.1
 11   210 ms   211 ms   212 ms [
 12   210 ms   210 ms   210 ms []

 13   219 ms   217 ms   209 ms [
 14   211 ms   211 ms   211 ms

Trace complete.

i get these sort of pings to shouldnt be like this to australia?? :P

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Wannabe Geek

  # 167603 28-Sep-2008 19:51
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Seen as this thread has 50 pages I obviously haven’t been able to read them all so if i ask anything that has already been answered my apologies. :)


Okay, well for the last few years we were on one of the orconplans, I forget which but I was very happy with it. I could stream news live, I could watch youtube videos, I could download things. Sure sometimes my streams jumped but not always so I could put up with it.


We recently switched to the Silver plan and since then our speed has been, to be blunt, absolutely horrible. When we switched as our plan was quite old we were told we could not change back but seen as the man on the phone told us the speed will definitely either be the same and should be faster.  That is FAR from the case. Now I cannot stream news even radio, cannot watch youtube type videos, when I download things from various international servers (That I used to dl from without trouble) I get speeds from 1kbs to the max I’ve seen is 23kbs.  It’s unbearable, luckily I can still browse though some sites are slower.  I have done a netspeed test as it is peak time now no doubt it is a little slower but I’m sure it should not be this bad.




Me and my family are disappointed in the false assurances, but as we have been with Orcon for quite some time previously we intend to stick it out as long as we can.


Edit:  Oh and i am in Auckland,  Blockhousebay/Greenbay area

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Master Geek

  # 167632 28-Sep-2008 22:18
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This is my first post on GeekZone as I'm getting the same issues as the others on this thread (bad pings to selected Aussie IP addresses).

Tracing route to [] over a maximum of 30 hops:

  1   121 ms   200 ms   199 ms  dsldevice.home []
  2     2 ms     2 ms     2 ms  Unknown-00-21-63-11-81-0b.home []
  3    13 ms    20 ms    14 ms
  4    15 ms    13 ms    14 ms []
  5    13 ms    14 ms    14 ms []
  6    12 ms    14 ms    14 ms []
  7    37 ms    39 ms    35 ms []
  8    38 ms    35 ms    39 ms []
  9    37 ms    37 ms    37 ms []
 10    39 ms    40 ms    39 ms []
 11   151 ms   148 ms   150 ms []
 12   174 ms   170 ms   170 ms []
 13   175 ms   172 ms   174 ms []
 14   175 ms   172 ms   169 ms []

I understand this is probably an overloaded transit link between their provider (asianetcom) and internode, and would love an answer from Orcon as to an expected date that it will be corrected.

Roughly half Australian IPs I get an amazing 50-60ms ping to, but the other half I get 170-220ms ping to.

I love Orcon, and this is my only issue, as I find NZ speeds blazingly fast, international is acceptable most of the time, and the connection is great (as I use VOIP for my home business and for supporting my clients).

Any kind of response would be great, I know its not possible to fix things instantly, but just having some feedback on what is being done, and that attention is being paid to the problem would be great. (I have waited a couple of weeks without commenting as usually Orcon jumps on these issues and solves them very quickly).

Reasons I love Orcon:
Free Static IP
Free lifetime email
ADSL2+ for its upload speeds strangely enough! 1mbit is great when uploading a new binary to your website!!
Interleaving off by default (12ms pings on NZ servers)
Fair traffic management

Reasons I would love Orcon more:
Introduce VOIP services!
Introduce zero-rated orcon hosted traffic (TVNZ, maybe a free 100mb web-based file backup, or possibly to other orcon users)
Re-introduce free web hosting, or start a cheap commercial web hosting facility
Off-peak extra GB allowance (even a extra 10gb would be great for backing up files to a web backup service)

I've had ADSL with Telecom, Xnet and IHUG, and I would never switch to any of them (unless Orcon really lost the plot).

So not all the emails in here are complaints, I'm very supportive of Orcon! =)



248 posts

Master Geek


  # 167743 29-Sep-2008 13:31
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Hi guys,

Thanks for all the feedback.

dfridge - I have messaged you, happy to help you out with your obviously underperforming connection. Looks like there is definitely something wrong there.

Everyone who is experiencing bad latency to Aussie game servers - I will follow up with the techs tomorrow when I am back in the office and see if they know what is going on (sorry, off sick today).

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