But my House(unit) is on main road. Does not have long driveway or anything.


Still might need consent from neighbor ?


And yes, i will contact my landlord before contacting ISP.





Unless the Fibre has already been built into the complex we will likely need to go through a consents process. Anytime we start working on a Multi dwelling unit like yours we want to get everything done at once. This way we can avoid disrupting all the residents every time someone new wants Fibre. Your provider can look up for you to see if the consents and build process has already been completed. If you’re after more information about what’s involved we have a great interactive page on our website that you can read here:




@Snackos the great thing about building in the network for all dwellings in a shared space is that when new tenants or owners move in everything is in place, ready for us to simply finish off the connection inside. ^Richard