I am trying a new software program called FlexiHub by Eltima to update and debug PLC's remotely. The idea is that a client plugs the PLC into a USB port and loads the FlexiHub software, then I provide a token to connect. This makes the PLC appear to by connected directly to my PC. This works well for my purpose but communication is sometimes too slow and the download times out. I need to speed up the communication. The FlexiHub wiki shows how to do this but I haven't been successful.


The current configuration is one PC on a Spark wireless network that does not have a static IP and my PC connected to UFB with static IP through a Netcomm NF4V router. This works but is slow. I have attached an image from the FlexiHub manual that indicates if one of the connections has a "public IP" the data transfer is direct and much faster. This is what I am trying to achieve. I have tried port forwarding as they suggest but this doesn't seem to make any difference. By "public IP" they seem to be referring to a PC that is not behind a NAT?


How do I best achieve this with a NF4V router? Can I disable the NAT for one PC on my network while I am providing this PLC update service? Or is a VPN a method that might achieve this? keep in mind that I only need to provide this service maybe once a month for about an hour or two. Also be mindful that I only have limited networking experience.



Thanks in advance,