I've had three separate tickets sent to Orcon, each of them requiring a response. That's been over two weeks ago. And as yet no response. I'm registering my displeasure here on these forums as I know that sometimes Orcon themselves pop in.

The main one that perhaps others can jump in with their opinions is that I'm with their Platimum plan + extra speed for uploads + a second favourite country for calling. You are supposed to pay Orcon $10 per country that you call often, and calls of up to an hour are covered. But they've been billing me for these calls saying that its going through another provider (eg Telecom) not their own network, and therefore they have to charge.

But that's nonsense - I'm using the same speedial (which I've double-checked) that I've been using for months and months. Now my calls bill is sitting at over $100 instead of $0. And they've been chargin for national calls which are also supposed to be covered.