Can anyone provide any ideas?

Orcon connection via Telecom Wholesale.
Small Rural Exchane in the Waikato 2.6Km away. 4.7/.9 Mbps DSL consistant.

Every monday morning at 11:37:40 plus or minis 10ms the PPP connection drops and reconnects 10ms later (most times it reconnects straight away)

DSL connection stays up the whole time.

Been like this since at least April and it is EVERY monday.

Tried different modems.
Tried a reboot just before time and still get this disconnection.

It's a pain as VOIP calls get dropped. We work from home and use VOIP phone a fair amount!!

Was perfect for at least two years prior and i took awhile to notice it was every monday at same time.

Nothing on our internal network has access to adsl modem(s).

Called CSR's and just get normal basic fault finding, turn off power etc. Has susposed to have been escalated in technical support but no calls and no change.

Nothing changed here for three years we have had connection in place. One plain non powered analogue phone with filter and one Alarm (connected to line but no monitoring being done) that has never been touched other than changing its time once to see if that had any affect.

The time is so exact each monday it has to be a device somewhere that has time being updated on it.

It is rural (ADSL was only put on our exchange three years ago) about 15mins out of Hamilton and no one else nearby. I have thought of going to another property and seeing if they have the same problem but there is no one else on Orcon that i can find.

Ideas please???