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Master Geek

# 69909 15-Oct-2010 10:09
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I would like to give Orcon some money, a fair bit of money vs their average dsl user some might say.

I live in a sleepout/granny flat, the main house has (or should i say had before all of this started) a dsl connection with vodafone.

I moved in and i don't tend to play well with others in regards to sharing an adsl2 connection so decided to get my own for out here. I checked the prices and Orcon seems to have a good price per megabyte ratio and they have their own gear at my exchange. Sweet. So i went and filled in the online form and specified a new connection on a separate line.

A few days later i was emailed for more information and i duly rang in and specified new line, no splitter to go to sleepout.

A few days later i was emailed again to say that i need to ok the connection fee of up to $250 which i duly rang in and confirmed.

Each time i rang in i made sure that they had notes along the lines of "chorus guy ring me first as i need to take time off work to allow access to the house", i was assured that everything was fine.

A few days later my flatmate from the house rocks up and says "Hey dude why has my vodafone connection got an orcon IP address?".

I rang in and after being told it was my fault and me going through the steps with them and proving that out was told that "sorry for the mistake we'll just cancel the current connection and redo the order". To which i replied "like hell, that will drop service on the line that you potentially illegally took off my flatmate, you will sign up a new user and leave the existing line the hell alone until vodafone can take it back under their control".

So, helpdesk guy takes the details where again i specify a new connection on a separate line along with being contacted before the work is commenced.

That afternoon i get a "welcome to orcon" email.

A few days later i was emailed for more information and i duly rang in and specified new line, no splitter to go to sleepout.

A few days later i was emailed again to say that i need to ok the connection fee of up to $250 which i duly rang in and confirmed.

I was assured that i would get a call before the work was commenced.

A couple of days later i get a new "welcome to orcon" email for the new username, I ring in and say "Hi apparently i'm connected to you guys on a new line" the helpdesk person says well you are i asked since when and was told since yesterday morning, i then pushed a bit further and asked if the username happened to have changed from the first one around about the same time and after a long silent "DOH" moment (i can only assume) this was confirmed. I asked if it was normal practice to simply swap cables over on an existing line when asked for a new connection and new line and was told it was not.

I asked to speak to a manager and was told i was, i vented a little, sobbed a little and pleaded for a simple new line to be connected so i could have a bright green link light and eventually a madly flashing ppp light. Ok so this time they get a little proactive and call me twice during the week to clarify everything (i think this would have been clarified more than butter now but i felt happy and warm inside that they cared enough to call me) and a i get a phone call on wednesday afternoon telling me that they had a technician coming on friday morning (today).

I barely slept a wink last night in anticipation of the glorious shade of green i could expect from the link light on my router and the technician arrived this morning, first thing i asked was "please tell me you are here to connect the second pair to a jackpoint in the sleepout and liven it all up with some discrete multi tone goodness", "Not according to this bit of paper mate" which reads "work required, relocate jackpoint to granny flat".

While he was here we checked that there was in fact a second pair coming into the house as noone knew up til now and the demarc is under the house and i don't do under houses and we both bitched and moaned about how crap everything has become since deregulation and separation. I thanked him for his time and felt sorry that as he gets paid "per code" he doesn't get paid crap for what he just had to go through.

I just rang orcon and asked the poor guy on the end of the phone to get a manager to talk to me, he wanted to help but his command of english would have only been a stumbling block for not such a simple fixit call.

Now i used to work at telecom handling adsl screwups and faults and have never seen anything like this from any isp before (apparently they are more common now), i asked for everything the correct way, double checked at every stage of the way what kind of service do the 'common folk' get when they don't know what to ask for?

Anyway as this is a discussion forum, please advise:

Would you a. go somewhere else? where and why?, b. make them get it right whilst possibly doing your brain a nasty damage? c. don't worry its just the fact that everybody is out to get you, invest in more tinfoil head wear, i think i hear the black helicopters circling overhead right now in fact,

Also amusingly vodafone is apparently unable to take the flatmates line back from orcon at the moment wtf.

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88 posts

Master Geek

  # 392171 15-Oct-2010 11:32
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Can a mod please remove the 2 extra copies of this post, I got an error when submitting and assumed that the submit had failed.

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  # 392190 15-Oct-2010 12:50
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Every time I move house I hold my breath to see what level of f-up Orcon are going to deal me with this time.


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Master Geek

# 392197 15-Oct-2010 13:04
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I feel like a few of us need to get together and start some kind of support group for people affected.....

I did just get off the phone with a very pleasant manager who grasps the concept of what i want and will go and hopefully kick some backsides in the provisioning department and get this mess sorted out, i hope that i haven't aged so much that i go senile and forget the vpi/vci/mtu settings for for a vcmux pppoa dsl connection before it is livened up.........

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  # 392289 15-Oct-2010 15:26
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Don't hold you breath. The sooner Orcon is put down the better.

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Uber Geek


  # 392312 15-Oct-2010 16:29
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These horror stories keep happening over and over with Slingshot and Orcon yet people keep signing up because they are cheaper.

It's a classic case where cheaper isn't better imo.

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  # 392361 15-Oct-2010 19:19
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Ragnor: These horror stories keep happening over and over with Slingshot and Orcon yet people keep signing up because they are cheaper.

It's a classic case where cheaper isn't better imo.

Whinging aside, Ragnor. Seriously for a moment, would the custmoer service/internet service be any better with another provider?

I've thought about joining Telstra because they are a bigger outfit and they may have more sway with Telecom (who Orcon have a habit of blaming for the issues).

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Uber Geek


  # 393410 19-Oct-2010 01:02
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Let see in the last 6 years I've changed ISP 5x from Vodafone/ihug > Xnet > Telstraclear > Telecom.

So I practice what I preach about changing ISP when good performance isn't being delivered.

Ideally you should never need to call customer service.


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Uber Geek
Inactive user

  # 394083 20-Oct-2010 17:56
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and they wonder why people buy guns and go on shooting spree's

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Uber Geek

  # 399889 3-Nov-2010 22:57
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When orcon installed my new phone line the contracters installed the line using a digger and ran the cables through my sewage pipe :) .. not really orcons fault, more the contractor.

The original copper line to the house was installed in an illegal fashion and my phone/internet was disconnecting periodically (especially when it rained), it took approximately 2-3 months to diagnose the problem.

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Uber Geek


  # 399921 4-Nov-2010 00:00
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One can only assume a lack of training is to blame as I used to do this (granted for a different ISP) and it's really not that hard to get right.

As for Vodafone not being able to retake the 1st line, most likely an open service order or them trying to submit a new connection when it should be a churn (assuming wholesale network).
Again, they will be able to see the reason for the failed connection, and even if the error is vague, a simple call to wholesale provisioning will be able to point them in the right direction.

Pisses me off when ISPs (generalising here) aren't pro-active for paying customers.

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Master Geek

  # 399952 4-Nov-2010 07:35
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There is a problem here in New Zealand. It is not limited to here, but it's a particularly bad case here.

We don't invest in anything. Well, not never. When we do, we want it to be a sure thing, and pay us way more than the bank does for our savings. Then it blows up because we (well, not me, but you get my drift) invest in things that are obviously too goo to be true, because they offer the highest rates (Hanover, Merchant+Capital, Bluechip, etc.) and then we scold ourselves for investing anything. We also have the same pathetic track-record when it comes to investing in stuff that's good for us. Sewers. Safe roads. Good footpaths. Our health. Our health system. People. The future. It's all-pervasive. Other countries do it better. Others worse (although the ones that do it worse include Liberia, Congo, Afganistan, etc.).

Another thing we haven't invested in, or more accurately, kept maintained and up-to-date (at one point in the past New Zealanders understood that things needed to be done well and that required proper investment, which is why we even have what we do have in terms of infrastructure) is the telecommunications network.

Like their counterparts in Railtrack (now Network Rail) in the UK, who ran down the rail network there for years and years, paying fat (unsustainably high) dividends to shareholders in a "musical chairs" game (i.e. who will be left holding Railtrack shares when the game is up?), Telecom NZ played the same high-dividend/low-investment killer combo strategy until people got wind of the notion that the people running the company belonged in some earlier historical period (where people knocked each other off horses with long sticks) in terms of their strategic and moral frameworks. They just sucked the business dry, threatened our politicians with an ever-shrinking superannuation fund (the politicians have large chunks of Telecom shares) if they regulated.

So the infrastructure here is breaking down, and nobody wants to know. It's the same game of musical chairs, and Chorus is hoping like hell that something will come along to replace POTS (the Plain Old Telephone System) so that the nightmare of connections that crap themselves when it rains comes to an end, and the hoards of now-connected people with problems will go away so they can retire to Orewa/Waikenai/Fendalton and get on to worrying about their prostate/osterioperosis.

So at the heart of the problem here is that one company owns the lines, and is hell-bent on securing its own position in the market through its sheer size and existing customer base, and a rag-tag bunch of small, under-funded, cheap ISPs who buy its wholesale products loosely referred to as "services" with pathetic down and upstream speeds that people in Mogadishu will soon be scoffing at.

Lastly, it's our attitude, our outlook and approach to business and life that makes this all possible.

We voted (well, not me personally of course) in a government made up of re-conditioned old Ford escorts, who haven't a clue how to do anything except further their own interests. Not long after the last election, Bill English was saying (in public, and private apparently) "has anybody got any good ideas?". Seriously, he meant it. Watch the latest "fibre" initiative, and how it will be set up (if it gets off the ground) to serve the interests of those owning/running the show, rather than the intended goal of being super-connected by super-fast and super-smart technology.

So, vote carefully for people who will invest wisely (I'm not a member of any political party and voted Green in the last election ... a trend that will continue I think because a section of the Green party are very progressive). The Labour party did a crap job in the area of technology infrastructure so they are no better. I'm not saying tech is the only game in town - of course there are other reasons to vote one way or another, but it's part of the future, and a larger part than many realise.

Apologies for the scattergun rant - sorry, but as the Bhuddists say, it's all connected.

Suggestion to all: hold your ISP to account. If there's a third-party problem why should it be YOUR problem? Write to the damn CEO and ask them what sort of crap they're peddling and why. And tell us what you find out!



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Ultimate Geek


  # 399957 4-Nov-2010 07:59
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I just refuse to use Orcon now, I cant believe how many times they have screwed me over due to In office stuff ups caused by their own staff not listening or not following instructions.

Mate I feel ya pain, been through a similar issue afew years ago, and now I'm sitting here with no Net thanks to telecom and their overcapacity exchanges in Chch city!

Your friendly Southern Geeky Fellow :P

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