moxpearl: So now we have direct comp vs the main plan that they advertise (30gb Genius)

10GB more and 2-3 months free.. which is the same as the orcon early DC FC fee .. hmm

+ thats cabal if u in area.. adsl if not

Getting slightly OT but this plan is NOT available in cable areas. If you are in an InHome area it doesn't apply, it only applies in DSL coverage areas either ULL or Wholesale.

It makes absolutely no sence that TCL can offer better deals over a 3rd party wholesale network than their own network, but hey, lots of things they do make no sence.

Pretty sure I got this or a similar $75 offer in the post box, and I am in a Telstra cable area in the Wellington region. However I am not connected to their cable service, nor does my house have cabling from the road to the house. So perhaps they are offering it to people who do not have a cable connection.