Have a major problem with Homecast HT9200DTR which for the last couple of weeks only works for a few minutes on TV1, TV2 or TV3 before switching off, switching on again, then a few seconds later switches off again then comes on and shortly thereafter locks up completely with a green screen. Unit then needs to be completely powered off and back on to get it working.  Works fine viewing any other channel.

Has anyone else experienced this problem in the last couple of weeks?

If one of channels 1, 2 or 3 are selected then playback of recorded programmes will also be interrupted by the same behaviour described above. If a different channnel is selected then playback of a recorded programme is possible; unless it was a programme recorded off TV1 (even a recording many months old) in which case the unit will still show the same fault. Yes, it is completely bizarre.   If the antenna cable is disconnected then the playback is completely stable.

Unit had software version 01.05.2B which I installed some time ago. I upgraded to the latest 01.07.1B but the problem is still almost exactly the same.

Has anyone heard of or also seen this problem?