Hi All,

I was using my PC in Sunnynook area just fine. A Dual tuner and a single tuner all happy.

Then we moved to Glenfield (Pinehill 626mhz I'm told by the man who gave us a high quality splitter).

He says he is getting 53mhz (excuse me if unit is wrong) when he is doing his signal test, however trying to get WMC7 to find any channels isn't going anywhere!

So i reverted to EPG Collector which can read the EPG data from 626mhz/Pinehill (noticed it runs alot slower than when in Sunnynook area which was using Infill).

I noticed one of the lines says
Signal Acquired: lock is False quality is 3 strength is 65537

How does the above compare for other people?

I don't think the TV aerial at our new place has been used in a very long time as they had Sky (Satellite) and the signal amplifier unit which the man from "Total Connections.co.nz" checked as working is about 15 years old.

He was pretty adamant that the signal strength should be fine, are TV tuners extra picky or something?
I've never had any issues until here so just trying to get some advice on a way forward without burning $$$.

Much appreciated.