I've had this for a few weeks now, not yet used USB recording, but there are some things not in the manual I learned through my experience that may help or hinder:

I read most of the threads here, main thing is make sure firmware is up to date. So this is just my experience above what I have already read.

I really like that you can get signal and quality graphs quickly and easily by pushing info button twice on any channel. Really helps with when you are up on the roof tweaking the aerial, someone else has an objective measure of what you are doing is better or worse..

I also like that if a drop out is experienced, the screen typically caches rather than breaking up, and just pauses, along with a sound dropout. Much nicer than annoying blotches on the screen. Of course fixing signal (now done) will help this.

What I don't like is that the info button only shows you the current program, I can't get it to show the next program as is typical on most STB's. You have to go through the full guide or ESG. Maybe nothing to most people, but I'd prefer full picture with the info at the bottom, than going to the small PIP up in the corner on the guide/ESG screens.

I also don't like that the rf/coax passthrough on the back of the box only works when the power is switched on! Maybe peculiar to my setup, but would have liked it to work whether the box was on or off.

It does run hot, but not as hot as my old Zinwell. Probably to do with the PSU, as is typical with cheap PSUs.