I'm away visiting my parents and as usual something random happens and I'm expected to fix it....
They have a Veon sat101 Freeview receiver and they turned it off a couple of nights ago to go to bed and I got up to find the thing trying to do a software update. It had failed and has set all of its satellite info to its defaults, needless to say that they don't work.
I have managed to get it to connect to the satellite but it apparently doesn't have the firmware being transmitted on the carriers I can connect on.

Now in the user manual it states you can update the firmware using a usb stick in the back. I just
go to the website in the manual and download it.
Only when I go to the website there is no mention of a download other than the manual.
Of course I have contacted their phone line for support, as usual work times only, left a message for the after hours guy to contact me, nothing yet.
The settings for the satellite info is hard to find, I'm not sure I have them right.
The receiver won't go past the update so I need to either find the update file to put on a USB stick (ideal solution) or the correct settings for the update.