AllenG: HBBTV has been available on Panasonic TVs in Europe since 2011 (VT30 models firmware V1.8). Probably the same with other brands as well

I contacted Panasonic NZ. Below is my query and their replies.


Their reply that "Freeview plus has been developed by Freeview - it is not an app and cannot be added to existing products" is in my opinion a downright lie.


Freviewplus is an "App" provided by each broadcaster that runs on the HBBTV 1.5 standard which is already available in other countries on Panasonic products and could be added to existing products with a firmware update.  The year that freeview plus was launched in Australia they launched models with the branding of HBBTV because they were not officially "freeview certified". There is no reason they can't release firmware updates with HBBTV functionality here. If the "Apps" follow the standard for HBBTV V1.5 they will work, and don't need freeview certification.




The following link shows HBBTV in the specification for my TV in the German/Austrian version? Click on the "Technical Specs" page (translate to English)








I have what was your flagship plasma TV at the time, a P55VT50 TV. This TV supports HBBTV in other countries, see links below ,  so why are you not going to enable Freeviewplus on this and other capable models with a firmware update? Seems like a selfish move not to offer this feature on models that are technically capable of supporting it. I won't be replacing my TV to get this.,


Please enable HBBtv in capable models. Regards Allen






Hi Allen


Thank you for your e-mail and comments. I do understand your comments - Please let me explain that Freeview Plus has been developed by Freeview – it is not run by an App and as such cannot be added to existing products. The only products that will be able to get this service are the new models that have been developed with it which is in some of our just released 2015 models.


This is not just for Panasonic but is other brands and Freeview Set Top boxes as well.










Freeviewplus is run on the Hybrid Broadband Broadcast TV (HBBTV) platform V1.5 There is nothing special required other than support for HBBTV which your VT models have had in Europe since the VT30 firmware version 1.800


The VT50 model that I have also has HBBTV support in other countries so there is no technical reason why it wouldn’t work on freeviewplus here, it just needs to be included in the NZ firmware.


HBBTV V1.5 has been around in other countries since 2012, and Panasonic have supported V1.5 since 2013 so It seems like the only reason you (and other manufacturers) are not enabling the feature on older models is to try and get people to unnecessarily replace their TVs to get this support. Bad form L


Very disappointed.


Regards Allen.






HI Allen


Thank you for the follow up and your information – there is nothing more I can add to my original reply. Freeview Plus is not updateable on the previous models