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throw in details and generate the result, on the left you can select review transmitter and it shows you a map and graph with distance vs terrain



Highest Frequency Signal: 77 dBuV, Digital Channels:28 30 32 34 36 Distance: 8.4km, Bearing: 1.1 deg. Recommended Antenna - 02MM-MDU36 Antenna UHF(27-50) Phased Array 'F' Type
Polarity Horizontal: UHF Gain 18dBuV

look at the little image under the map and see if there is anything blocking the view to the transmitter

I've attached a pic :)  Click to see full size

'A indoor aerial will do the job however may have quite a bit of interference over time, a long term solution is getting a wall/roof aerial installed and getting it wired through, or even get it split so that other rooms can have access to Freeview HD and FreeviewPlus.'

^Yes I think I may need to do that if the indoor antenna doesn't work out. What are the cheapest companies in wellington that do these types of installations? I'm really only after the Apna channel, and we just have the single TV. Thanks :)