Nutts: The problem is Logitech hub does not have the Dish A2 in its data base as a Bluetooth device. So you have two options.
1. You can send the Dish A2 back to dish and request it have an IR receiver added.
2. Or you can tell the Logitech hub that the Dish A2 is a Nvidia Shield TV which uses a Bluetooth remote like the A2. You will have to pair the A2 to the Logitech hub to get this to work.

If you go back to the 9th and 10th of December in this forum it suggests telling the logitech hub the dish a2 is a Nvidia Shield TV and the next item is about the Bluetooth pairing.
Thanks to nzgman for working this out.


Thanks! These worked well but I'm frustrated about missing both the power toggle and the record button that the original remote obviously does have.


So I've been searching and experimenting all day with android tv devices in the Logitech database, such a slow interface and takes ages :(
A third good option (on top of the previously suggested Google Nexus and Nvidia Shield) is to add the Amazon Fire TV (also has bluetooth remote) in harmony hub and then link it up via the A2 android menu. 


I just wish I could find a bluetooth remote device in Harmony database that has a record button!


I may investigate if you can request the bluetooth version of the A2's remote to be added by Harmony...