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Master Geek

  #164127 13-Sep-2008 01:13
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Hi, NZRobin


Tv Setting

Contrast = 57, Brightness = 75, Sharpness = 100, Colour = 55, Colour Tone = Normal


ET Box

Display Format = Letterbox, TV Screen = 16:9, Res =  1080i.


I’m using letterbox at the moment because with Full Screen  people look distorted. (Long & thin on some programs while other programs are fine) I think that is due to the way it was filmed 4:3 vs 16:9. With Panscan you just lose too much picture.

I do hate having the black strip above & below the picture & all around on some shots. I think the newer flat panels can handle this adjustment better then my 4 yr old rear projection TV or is it all to do with how the ET box sends out the picture. Can anyone comment on this?



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Master Geek

  #164146 13-Sep-2008 08:25
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Sharpness = 100...

I do hate having the black strip above & below the picture & all around on some shots. I think the newer flat panels can handle this adjustment better then my 4 yr old rear projection TV or is it all to do with how the ET box sends out the picture. Can anyone comment on this?


That Sharpness Level is too High.


The double black bands (letterbox & pillarbox) are caused because the original material is widescreen but supplied to the broadcaster as 4:3 Letterboxed version (bars at top & bottom). The broadcaster then transmits it as widescreen so then either they or your STB (such as FV|HD or MySky HDi unit) adds black bars at the side (Pillarbox) so you then don't have to change the aspect ratio on your widescreen PC each time the show being broadcast changes. On a standard 4:3 TV if you have the unit set right they (the pillarbox bars) will just naturally disappear off the side of the screen... Over time they will disappear as WS becomes the norm and more material (incl. Adverts) is left in the native WS format it's shot in...


Pan & Scan should never be used, it's crap, and also completely destroys the composition of the picture intended by the film or show's director, etc... (as do most 4:3 cut versions of WS material a well). You should awalys use Letterbox for a 4:3 TV for WS material (so you have bars top & bottom for widescreen), conversely on 16:9 TV Pillarbox settings make life easier for 4:3 material but are not essential.


P.S. Most WS material is not Pan & Scan enabled AFAIK anyway - so 90% of the time it just cuts off the outer edges of the picture (on both sides - about 25% of the total width of the WS image) instead of doing a true P&S process.


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  #164158 13-Sep-2008 09:31
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Hi Garglo, so am I right in thinking the digital coaxial connection is yet to be fixed? I have no more optical inputs and have to use coaxial and are getting sound breakups, so I have to use analog settings which are ok. Any plans to address the coaxial issue or is it just my box.

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  #164168 13-Sep-2008 10:35
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Just received a new update last night.  Untested to fix this problem. Willing to send it to you for testing.  Cant test myself as I dont use optical. email me

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Ultimate Geek

  #164211 13-Sep-2008 13:52
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On the question of the firmwares.  Version 1.4 fixes besides the breakup of audio via only the Optical output, it also fixes an issue of commumication affecting only about 2% of the receivers sent out which have a slightly different IR sensor in the receiver.  This caused the Channel button to alter the volume and do strange things. The fix was to slightly alter the frequency bandwidth commands in the firmware to take in account of both sensors used in the manufacture of the receivers.

I think I have one of the 2% of units. ET doesn't respond unless the remote is pointed directly at him and he does get confused between channel and volume sometimes. He also is very reluctant to respond to the EPG button. That said the biggest problem is that he's using the same IR frequencies as my Velodyne subwoofer which threatens to end his stay at my house. Any ideas if firmware V1.04 will fix the Velodyne conflict?

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Ultimate Geek


  #164213 13-Sep-2008 14:01
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Your Velodyne subwoofer unfortunately uses one or more remote codes that are also used by the ET remote. This situation occurs from time to time with a variety of AV products, and there's not much you can do about it, apart from moving your ET or subwoofer so thay they can't both receive IR commands at the same time from the "wrong" remote. Changing the firmware in the ET receiver won't help, as the remotes are still sending the same codes as always.
Also, vers 1.04 firmware will likely resolve your issues with your ET box not responding correctly to the keys. Also check that it's not being affected by other sources of IR, by changing the position it's pointing, if only for test purposes.

Tivo upgrades to operate with the new OzTivo EPG, support and service. Over 300 performed here so far. See:

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  #164225 13-Sep-2008 15:38
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I was having terrible trouble with the IR Remote, you'd press a key and the OSD would show the previous key you had pressed for 4 or 5 presses.  This included EPG, cursor arrows etc.  1.4 cleaned it up a lot but not completly. Today I thought I'd try integrating the unit into a universial remote, get the same probs with the universal remote as if before the 1.4 upgrade. Tried the Yamaha AV remote, same result.  Completely refuses to work over an infrared extender!#@#!, it being the only device in 10 that I have tried that doesn't work across it.  Even the gas heater's remote works across it!!  Its life is looking increasingly short unless this can be resolved


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  #164284 13-Sep-2008 22:22
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This latest firmware fixes all the main issues.  Remote communication problems on 2- 5% of units sent out, Optical output audio breakup, distortion on the SVideo & component outputs.  ALL FIXED.  "Now the best HD receiver on the market."  Not my words, but a seller who sells virtually all the brands available.

There are two versions of 1.4 firmware. The only one which fixes completely the issues mentioned is called    or this site  

Download and follow the instructions in the manual to update the receiver.    If pixelation is your issue, its not the receiver but your environment.  Check my previous posting, or the site for some help.

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Master Geek
Inactive user

  #164286 13-Sep-2008 22:42
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E.T takes on SKY at Homeshow.....
Come and visit us sunday....will crack you a good deal at the Show...Booth 297, Hall No.2....
"Sick of Sky?"
above comment upsets Sky....why?
its only a question...NOT a statement....!!!
New software fixes optical...and now makes E.T the best box out there....!!
We were told not to use..... "sick..."
Naughty word ,we were told....Ha!!
Yet 30% of our customers came to our booth( happens to be right opposite Sky..HD stand...and said
" we are sick of sky...what can you offer us..."

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  #164289 14-Sep-2008 00:19
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Sweet the latest release helped a lot and have got the IR extender going after a bit of testing.  One thing I have found that the IR its very sensitive to interference compared to other devices.  It wont work with a IR blaster in the cubboard and has to have a dedicated emitter attached to it to get a clean signal.   

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Uber Geek


  #164454 15-Sep-2008 10:39
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Yes there have been two recent updates, one on Monday 8th and one on Sat 13th.  File labels are:

First file was labelled:
Second was labelled:

I will try the second tonight but the first update did correct the remote if you have one of the dodgy units.  You'd know if you did, the response was sht, plain as that.

I used the box to supply my hdd recorder via s-video and rca audio.  Taped tv1 last night and analogue output was very good.  Not sure if it was the source but this did work really well now, so this appears to have been fixed.  At this stage I could now recommend using this box with an older tv via composite or s-video to get good reception, but obviously not hd.

Audio drop outs were still there for me last night, but hopefully this second update will correct this.  This box is great for the price and is getting the support it needs.

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Master Geek
Inactive user

  #164467 15-Sep-2008 11:19
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latest software is on both

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  #164550 15-Sep-2008 16:31
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We've had some remote control issues so loaded the new software V1.04 (Sep 12 2008) via USB. We're in Hamilton and don't get tvCentral any more.

Seems there is a mistake there. TvCentral should be UHF 40/622. The software has it as UHF 40(626MHz) ???

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  #164577 15-Sep-2008 18:32
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I'd do a factory reset. Resets receiver to your loaded firmware.  Not actually back to the factory original.  This will then enable you to reloads your channels an clean out the previous conflicts.

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Master Geek

  #164621 15-Sep-2008 21:10
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I have conducted a lot of testing now with these boxes.

I have 3 setup with 3 LCD TV's and a Home Theater.
1 ET box has/had the Remote control issue, really bad. It also has Bad pixelation.
2 ET boxes exhibit no issues at all.

My main setup has an ET outputing via HDMI to a Samsung A650 LCD.
It is also connected to my Home Theater for Audio.
I have setup and tested using Coax, Optical, HDMI and plain AV.

V1.3 Firmware
Remote Control = very frustrating, all the problems reported here.
Coax Audio = droputs and breakups, HT shows constant loss of signal
On Screen Picture = Pixelation and breakups, particlarly when menu graphics are on screen (see later discussion on Pixelation)

V1.4 Firmware (Beta)
Remote Control Fixed
Coax Audio still breaking up
HDMI Audio fine
Pixelation still present

V1.4 Firmware (Public, 12 September)
Remote Control fixed
Coax audio fixed (PCM and passthrough tested)
HDMI Audio still fine
Pixelation = GONE!!! (WTF)

I have downgraded and reupgraded this box (V1.3, V1.4 Beta, V1.4 Public) a few times to confirm the changes.

I can confirm that V1.4 (public, rather than the V1.4 beta) fixes the Coax audio drop outs, it also seems to have had a positive effect on the pixelation.

V1.4 Firmware from Freeview site.
Remote = Fixed
Audio = Fixed
Pixelation = gone a present
AV out to DVD recorder = good quality

Notes on Pixelation:
I have read all the posts here and Peters notes on the Freeview site and I have found that the solutions discussed don't apply to me.

I am in a very strong signal area (I can clearly see Mount Te Aroha),. I have checked the channels and don't have the weaker infill issue). I have good power supplies (I am a electrician and have even attached a logger to the power just to check for power supply quality).
I have one box which has pixelation issues, I have 2 boxes with no issues. I can swap a known good box into the setup and the problem goes away (ie not cable or aerial), I put the problem box back and stright away I get pixelation. In one location I can place a good ET box on the window sill with NO aerial connection at all and get HD without breakup (very good signal), the bad box still suffers pixelation. even in this spot.
The easiest and repeatable way to see the Pixelation is to start the EPG. The TV window on the top right starts to pixelate and after about 10 seconds its just a messy swirl. It also happens everytime you put any menu or graphic on screen. This box also suffers lockups if left on for extended (2-3 days) periods.
I upgraded the Firmware to V1.4 and the pixelation is no longer present. I downgraded it (to V1.3) and got pixelation again. I upgraded again and have left it on EPG for 2 hours, then just randomly changed channels and bought up menus for a further 2 hours, NO BREAKUP). Not confirmed fixed yet, but something has improved. I will keep testing but I can confirm there is something in the system which degrades possible as a result of a low quality signal (like a buffer overflow somewhere!).

Mark (aka BadMac)

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