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# 262089 4-Jan-2020 23:41
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I have a TBS 6909 DVB-S(2) card and I'm trying to get Freeview Satellite on Ubuntu Linux. The drivers are installed and appear to be working, but I can't get a channel list.


I have an old Sky Satellite Dish with a Sharp LNB.


My card has 4 inputs:


0: Vertical Polarization, Low Frequency Noise


1: Vertical Polarization, High Frequency Noise


2: Horizontal Polarization, Low Frequency Noise


3: Horizontal Polarization, High Frequency Noise


I am using input 2 and can scan but at best I only see the Sky Channels (which I don't want). I can't find the Freeview channels.


The command,


w_scan -fs -s S160E0 > channels.conf




Discovery HD;SkyNZ:12268:hC23M5O20S1:S160E:22500:1001=27:1101=eng@3:1901:96A,958:1013:169:9:0
MTV Music;SkyNZ:12268:hC23M5O20S1:S160E:22500:1002=27:1102=eng@4:1902:96A,958:1180:169:9:0
Nick Jr.;SkyNZ:12268:hC23M5O20S1:S160E:22500:1004=27:1104=eng@4:0:96A,958:1184:169:9:0
Discovery Turbo HD;SkyNZ:12268:hC23M5O20S1:S160E:22500:1005=27:1105=eng@3:1905:96A,958:1242:169:9:0
MTV Music;SkyNZ:12268:hC23M5O20S1:S160E:22500:1002=27:1102=eng@4:1902:96A,958:1436:169:9:0
BBC Earth HD;SkyNZ:12268:hC23M5O20S1:S160E:22500:1006=27:0;1106:1906:96A,958:1059:169:9:0
SKY Box Office;SkyNZ:12581:hC23M5O20S1:S160E:22500:1001=27:1101=eng@4:0:96A,958:1061:169:1:0
SKY Box Office;SkyNZ:12581:hC23M5O20S1:S160E:22500:1002=27:1102=eng@4:0:96A,958:1062:169:1:0
SKY Box Office;SkyNZ:12581:hC23M5O20S1:S160E:22500:1003=27:1103=eng@4:0:96A,958:1063:169:1:0
SKY Box Office;SkyNZ:12581:hC23M5O20S1:S160E:22500:1004=27:1104=eng@4:0:96A,958:1064:169:1:0
CGTN Documentary;SkyNZ:12581:hC23M5O20S1:S160E:22500:1009=27:1109=eng@3:0:96A,958:1077:169:1:0
Animal Planet;SkyNZ:12546:hC23M5O20S1:S160E:22500:1007=27:1107=eng@4:1907:96A,958:1014:169:4:0
Country TV;SkyNZ:12546:hC23M5O20S1:S160E:22500:1006=27:1106=eng@4:0:96A,958:1098:169:4:0
Shopping Channel;SkyNZ:12546:hC23M5O20S1:S160E:22500:1011=27:1111=eng@4:0:96A,958:1185:169:4:0
MTV Classic;SkyNZ:12546:hC23M5O20S1:S160E:22500:1010=27:1110=eng@4:1910:96A,958:1176:169:4:0
MTV Classic;SkyNZ:12546:hC23M5O20S1:S160E:22500:1010=27:1110=eng@4:1910:96A,958:1432:169:4:0
Comedy Central HD;SkyNZ:12546:hC23M5O20S1:S160E:22500:1004=27:1104=eng@3:1904:96A,958:1042:169:4:0
MTV HD;SkyNZ:12546:hC23M5O20S1:S160E:22500:1003=27:1103=eng@3:1903:96A,958:1039:169:4:0
SKY ARTS;SkyNZ:12394:hC23M5O20S1:S160E:22500:1002=27:1102=eng@4:0:96A,958:1029:169:13:0
Fox News;SkyNZ:12394:hC23M5O20S1:S160E:22500:1005+8185=27:1105=eng@4:0:96A,958:1057:169:13:0
Food Network;SkyNZ:12394:hC23M5O20S1:S160E:22500:1008=27:1108=eng@4:0:96A,958:1052:169:13:0
Real Good Life;Real Good Life - FM 99.4:12394:hC23M5O20S1:S160E:22500:0:1176=eng@3:0:96A,958:1088:169:13:0
New Supremo;New Supremo - AM 936:12394:hC23M5O20S1:S160E:22500:0:1177=eng@3:0:96A,958:1089:169:13:0
FM 104.2;FM 104.2:12394:hC23M5O20S1:S160E:22500:0:1178=eng@3:0:96A,958:1090:169:13:0
Blues;Blues - Never Felt So Good:12394:hC23M5O20S1:S160E:22500:0:1186=eng@3:0:96A,958:1132:169:13:0
Ad Tracks - All;Ad Tracks - All:12394:hC23M5O20S1:S160E:22500:0:1187=eng@3:0:96A,958:1196:169:13:0
Licence Included;Licence Included:12394:hC23M5O20S1:S160E:22500:0:1188=eng@3:0:96A,958:1195:169:13:0
Sport Pop-Up 1;SkyNZ:12394:hC23M5O20S1:S160E:22500:1001=27:1101=eng@3:0:96A,958:1009:169:13:0
Sky News;SkyNZ:12421:hC23M5O20S1:S160E:22500:1003=27:1103=eng@4:1904:96A,958:1017:169:14:0
NAT GEO;SkyNZ:12421:hC23M5O20S1:S160E:22500:1007=27:1107=eng@4:1907:96A,958:1012:169:14:0
BBC World News;SkyNZ:12421:hC23M5O20S1:S160E:22500:1009=27:1109=eng@4:0:96A,958:1026:169:14:0
FACE TV;SkyNZ:12421:hC23M5O20S1:S160E:22500:1010=27:1110=eng@4:0:96A,958:1187:169:14:0
TVSN Shopping;SkyNZ:12421:hC23M5O20S1:S160E:22500:1011=27:1111=eng@4:0:96A,958:1210:169:14:0
Vibe HD;SkyNZ:12421:hC23M5O20S1:S160E:22500:1004=27:0;1104:0:96A,958:1041:169:14:0
NZ Chart;NZ Chart - Top 40 Hits:12421:hC23M5O20S1:S160E:22500:0:1171=eng@3:0:96A,958:1120:169:14:0
Pop;Pop - '90s to Today:12421:hC23M5O20S1:S160E:22500:0:1172=eng@3:0:96A,958:1121:169:14:0
Smooth;Smooth - Sounds to Soothe:12421:hC23M5O20S1:S160E:22500:0:1181=eng@3:0:96A,958:1122:169:14:0
Sport Pop-Up 2;SkyNZ:12421:hC23M5O20S1:S160E:22500:1001=27:1101=eng@3:0:96A,958:1048:169:14:0


And the command


dvbv5-scan -lUNIVERSAL /usr/share/dvb/dvb-s/OptusD1-160.0E -o dvbv5.txt


Outputs the following in the terminal:


        Universal, Europe
        Freqs     : 10800 to 11800 MHz, LO: 9750 MHz
        Freqs     : 11600 to 12700 MHz, LO: 10600 MHz
ERROR    command BANDWIDTH_HZ (5) not found during retrieve
Cannot calc frequency shift. Either bandwidth/symbol-rate is unavailable (yet).
Scanning frequency #1 12456000
RF     (0x01) Signal= -66.39dBm preBER= 0
Scanning frequency #2 12483000
RF     (0x01) Signal= -70.69dBm preBER= 0


And produces no output file.


Can anyone help me?



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Uber Geek

  # 2385254 4-Jan-2020 23:55
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I could be wrong, but they all seem to be the -S2 transponders only.


Can you dumb-ify the settings a bit. Freeview is only -S. And as such, also no HD

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Ultimate Geek

  # 2385260 5-Jan-2020 05:40
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I have always had problems using w_scan with several of my tuners, including my TBS6909.  It looks like you have also found that - it does not appear to be changing the TBS6909 tuner to DVB-S and so is only scanning for DVB-S2 multiplexes.  I gave up using w_scan long ago and wrote my own script for scanning, which uses scan-s2, but requires that you tell it the frequencies to scan.  I have a copy of it on my web server, along with my slightly modified scan-s2 (compiled for Ubuntu 18.04) and the log rotation script it calls:


Let me know if you want a copy of the source for my scan-s2.  As best I can recall at the moment, the modifications I did were to make it able to scan tuners greater than tuner number 9, which I need as I also have a TBS6209 8 tuner DVB-T2 card in that PC, so 16 tuners in total.


The script scans the two Freeview DVB-S transponder frequencies (12456000 and 12483000).  There is another DVB-S transponder with free-to-air channels on it broadcast by Sky which has their free channels (such as Prime).  It is on 12519000 and I scan it as part of a similar script that scans the Sky transponders.  So you probably would want to add that frequency to the frequency list at the top of the script.


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  # 2385409 5-Jan-2020 16:21
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I could be wrong, but they all seem to be the -S2 transponders only.


Can you dumb-ify the settings a bit. Freeview is only -S. And as such, also no HD



I didn't know that, but you are right:


Thanks for the info.



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  # 2385410 5-Jan-2020 16:22
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I have a copy of it on my web server, along with my slightly modified scan-s2 (compiled for Ubuntu 18.04) and the log rotation script it calls:



Fantastic, I'll give it a go.

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  # 2385457 5-Jan-2020 16:34
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Do you also have the initial tuning file?

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  # 2385464 5-Jan-2020 16:42
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My bad, you create it in the script.

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  # 2385466 5-Jan-2020 16:45
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A note for other readers, my (Windows) Avast virus checker seems to think the scan-s2 download link as malware.


The actual git repo for it appears to be here:


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  # 2385467 5-Jan-2020 16:50
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Here are the results for other readers:



[[Tuning to 12456000 Hz]]
Hope Channel;Kordia:12456:HC34M2:S160.0E:22500:516:654=eng:0:0:1916:47:21:0
Choice TV;Kordia Ltd:12456:HC34M2:S160.0E:22500:514:652=eng:0:0:1941:47:21:0
Shine TV;Kordia Ltd:12456:HC34M2:S160.0E:22500:530:673=eng:0:0:1927:47:21:0
Parliament TV;Kordia Ltd:12456:HC34M2:S160.0E:22500:515:653=eng,690=ang:715:0:1923:47:21:0
Te Reo;Maori Television:12456:HC34M2:S160.0E:22500:517:655=eng:0:0:1925:47:21:0
Radio NZ National;Radio New Zealand:12456:HC34M2:S160.0E:22500:0:659=eng:0:0:1929:47:21:0
Radio NZ Concert;Radio New Zealand:12456:HC34M2:S160.0E:22500:0:660=eng:0:0:1930:47:21:0
BaseFM;Kordia Ltd:12456:HC34M2:S160.0E:22500:0:666=eng:0:0:1936:47:21:0
[[Tuning to 12483000 Hz]]
Maori Television;Maori Television:12483:HC34M2:S160.0E:22500:514:652=eng:0:0:1025:47:22:0
TVNZ 1;TVNZ:12483:HC34M2:S160.0E:22500:515:653=eng,663=ita:579:0:1035:47:22:0
TVNZ 2;TVNZ:12483:HC34M2:S160.0E:22500:516:654=eng,664=ita:580:0:1036:47:22:0
TVNZ 1 +1;TVNZ:12483:HC34M2:S160.0E:22500:518:656=eng,665=ita:582:0:1037:47:22:0
TVNZ 2 +1;TVNZ:12483:HC34M2:S160.0E:22500:512:650=eng,666=ita:581:0:1038:47:22:0
TVNZ DUKE;TVNZ:12483:HC34M2:S160.0E:22500:520:658=eng,667=ita:583:0:1904:47:22:0
TVNZ 1;TVNZ:12483:HC34M2:S160.0E:22500:519:657=eng:579:0:1908:47:22:0
TVNZ 1;TVNZ:12483:HC34M2:S160.0E:22500:513:651=eng:579:0:1909:47:22:0
TVNZ 1;TVNZ:12483:HC34M2:S160.0E:22500:517:655=eng:579:0:1910:47:22:0
[[Tuning to 12519000 Hz]]
TS3 IEPG Data Service;SkyNZ:12519:HC34M2:S160.0E:22500:0:1183:0:0:9003:169:3:0
Bravo PLUS1;SkyNZ:12519:HC34M2:S160.0E:22500:1014+8184:1114=eng:0:0:1510:169:3:0
Prime PLUS 1;SkyNZ:12519:HC34M2:S160.0E:22500:1002:1102=eng:1902:0:1227:169:3:0
RNZ National;Radio New Zealand National:12519:HC34M2:S160.0E:22500:0:1174=eng:0:0:1101:169:3:0
RNZ Concert;Radio New Zealand Concert:12519:HC34M2:S160.0E:22500:0:1175=eng:0:0:1102:169:3:0
Tahu FM;Tahu FM - Music From The South:12519:HC34M2:S160.0E:22500:0:1182=eng:0:0:1105:169:3:0
EPG Background Audio;SkyNZ:12519:HC34M2:S160.0E:22500:0:1183=eng:0:0:330:169:3:0
Classical;Classical - Elegant Pieces:12519:HC34M2:S160.0E:22500:0:1195=eng:0:0:1130:169:3:0
Kids;Kids - Music and Tunes:12519:HC34M2:S160.0E:22500:0:1196=eng:0:0:1131:169:3:0
NZ BBQ Reggae;NZ BBQ Reggae:12519:HC34M2:S160.0E:22500:0:1197=eng:0:0:1133:169:3:0
Ad Tracks;Ad Track:12519:HC34M2:S160.0E:22500:0:1198=eng:0:0:1197:169:3:0


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