freitasm: pete9321 has been banned because he had already been warned about his posts referring to competitors' products in a bad way.

True or not it is unethical for a company to refer to competitors like this in a discusson initiated by users. It wasn't his first post on this subject and after a couple of warnings I think it's time.

  Agreed.  A shame, but necessary.

  I think it is OK to point out the negatives in a compeditors products, as long as it is done in a constructive way.  ie Pointing out both the positives and negatives of a product, and not just saying a product is crap without substantiating your point.

pete9321:can't you geeks read?

ours can record...but we are waiting for factory to finalise software...get your facts right please before geeking!!
yyess is rubbish ,as usual from coship...!!



  My ET box cannot currently record, and neither can any of your other ET box customers.


  You haven't released the long awaited firmware for it which will enable this despite numerous missed deadlines.

  The simple fact is that YESS can record right now, and out of the box. It may not have full 8 day EPG support, but it can record. Except for you and the factory in China, ET boxes can not.

  Until you release firmware to your ET customers, YESS is in reality one step ahead of you.

  At this point in time YESS appears to have the bragging rights for the most fully featured non-Freeview branded DVB-T STB on the New Zealand market.   Not Extra Terrestrial. 

Like it or not, your Coship compeditors, whom you call crap, have actually beaten you to the market with this one.

  Give them some respect.