HI  looking for help with this one

have a cheapo digistar satellite freeview of trademe
all going well signal splitter in there, lounge - sky & bedroom with the freeview
if the sky got turned off they both died but thats fine leave sky on all the time just at decoder
anywho - working fine last year, when prime can on board for freeview just rescanned and found it no probs

now - cant remeber changing anything other than swapping sky to room and freeview to lounge i cant get TV3/prime and C4
scan, change some settings scan
and i get every sky channel including those ones but they come up as locked, tv1/2/maori/6&7 ok but parliament and the rest dont come up at all but biggest thing is not being able to access TV3/c4 & prime at all

any help?
any ideas?