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  #340801 11-Jun-2010 21:15
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We've a relatively modest but quite new LG 32" (it's so much better then our old CRT though), and have just got our aerial sorted out for decent Freeview (thanks to Alistair of Scotts' TV)... We've no home theatre system. That's because we have a home, not a theatre. Every time I feel the need to eat crunchy, rancid snacks I would much rather pay a small fortune to sit in a dark room with thunderous sound downtown, instead of at home. I mean, where's the fun in that? And besides, some of my friends have home theatre systems so fulsome and powerful that their bass seems to hit the brown note all too frequently and they're forever changing their kids' pants. 

We also like to pretend we're so cool we don't spend all our free time watching TV. The MagicTV would help us achieve this in reality by enabling us to watch only the programs we really want to watch and no more. We could reschedule the network TV broadcasts so that there's no filler. Hell, we might even get to go to bed earlier at night if we made all the good 9:30pm programs start at 8:30pm the next night! That's got be be good for the health! <coff!>

We could also set it to record everything overnight, so we could simultaneously be all intellectual and "no, we don't watch much TV" while also being totally up with the important things in today's fast moving pop culture. For example, every time someone tells us about some obscure but cool TV program we could say "Oh yeah, I have that recorded on my MagicTV" and then we could quickly rush home and check out the basic plot and characters so we wouldn't be caught short again. We would be the most hipster people in our whole street! (Unfortunately, that's not saying a lot.)

And best of all, the MagicTV, if it arrived in time, would help us overcome the unfortunate scheduling of the All Whites games - they're all at 11:30pm or 2:00am, for goodness sake! What's with that? It's some sort of conspiracy. They're clearly afraid that combined but confused psychic wishes of the massed New Zealand viewers of a 6:30am game, when directed at the All-Whites, might compel Ryan Nelson to pick up the ball and run with it, like some latter day Webb-Ellis.

But then, I'll probably destroy any chances of winning by declaring my favourite South American football team to be Argentina (in honesty, based only on a fondness for the colour scheme of their kit and happy memories of the times when Batistuta played for Fiorentina, my favourite Italian team. So arbitrary. Because I started liking Fiorentina because of their outrageously cool purple kit. As you can tell, I'm not exactly the world's most committed sports fan.)

So, yeah, we really really need a MagicTV. And when Brazil inevitably gets into the World Cup Final I solemnly promise to record it and watch it over and over until I'm cured of my unfortunate partiality for Argentina. 

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  #340802 11-Jun-2010 21:16
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We have a Sony Bravia 32" Tv and Sony 5.1 Home Theatre. DSE Terrestrial Receiver for HD and capture programs on a Panasonic VCR.

A DVR would allow the VCR to retire gracefully.


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  #340806 11-Jun-2010 21:26
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What a great idea!
We would really love a Magic TV box. Been saving up for one and a flat screen Tv for ages.
Our current CRT and DVD recorder drives my wife crazy as while it is recording it locks out all user inputs and stops us recording anything else. I would have gone for a Telecom TIVO, but the lack of Prime EPG is a killer.
So if I get the Magic TV, I will by 40" LCD and she who must be obeyed will no longer be a wee bit crazy and I will be a very happy new geek.Smile

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Master Geek


  #340807 11-Jun-2010 21:34
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We have a 42" Sony LCD with a built-in tuner.

We have a sky dish mounted on the outside wall from the previous occupants. They were also savy enough to cable this to a splitter with about 8 ports throughout the house. Sounds terrific doesn't it? Well not really. Seeing as we don't have Sky (not to be mistaken with "the sky") the satellite dish is something of an eyesore and serves no other purpose except for me wishing I could use it. Have tried staring at it, talking to it nicely and even offering it pineapple lumps, willing it to magically transform into a terrestrial aerial for freeview.

Felt criminal hooking up a boring old analogue bunny ears - not to mention poor quality - so got an external flat panel freeview antenna from a freeview shop. Works a charm...sort of.. after having the father-in-law trying various angles for the better part of an afternoon. Turns out being on the flight path isn't so fantastic either. It knocks out the reception each time one flies over. Also can't get TV3, Prime or C4 with this aerial.

So this would be a treat and would certainly keep the wife happy too to watch some of the girlie nonsense on TV3. More importantly though, will allow the out-laws to watch their precious Coro street and other octogenerian-dated shows while recording the programs we actually watch!


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Master Geek

#340808 11-Jun-2010 21:44
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This tuner would go great in my kids bedroom and free up our lounge setup which includes:

Silverstone LC16-M computer case (3TB storage, DVB-T twin tuner card, IMON Remote) connected to our  Panasonic 50" PZ850 HD
Plasma. We also have it networked to a Microsoft 360 in our bedroom so we can use it as an extender.

As a side note we purchased a Magic Box for the in-laws and they love it!

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Ultimate Geek

  #340811 11-Jun-2010 21:52
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We have a basic setup consisting of:
37" Panasonic Plasma
Logitech Z-Z500

The magic tv stb would be a welcome addition

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Uber Geek

  #340812 11-Jun-2010 21:54
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I finally have my big TV
The wife was initially not pleased
She's coming around to my way of thinking though
But sadly without high-def I am only being teased

The Samsungs a 50" you see
But on the old signal it is sadly lacking
I did try a Homecast decoder once
But after a heap of hassles I sent that packing

I do have an el-cheapo free-view box that's sort of OK
But that's permanently attached for the kids
You see its only on a little old TV in the other room
And always on bloody TV6

So I pray and I beg which is all I can do
As the funds they have run quite dry
A TiVo at $20 a month you say?
Tempting, but having to stay with Telecom, I will cry

The Magic is at the top of my list
For high-def and top notch recording
Maybe then I will be spared Desperate Housewives
Instead top gear or maybe something sporting

Geekzone have helped me out quite a lot
Learning heaps and trying my best to contribute
Please accept this entry to this fine contest
If I win it will be a real hoot

Always be yourself, unless you can be Batman, then always be the Batman


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Master Geek

  #340813 11-Jun-2010 22:00
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I have a Panasonic 32" LCD and Sky Digital
They are connected to my Panasonic theatre system
One day I would love to go HD...fingers crossed the MagicTV will be a start ;-)

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  #340815 11-Jun-2010 22:09
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This would be a great addition to my lounge. It would make it worthwhile for me to throw away my 25 yr old bunny ears
and finally install the UHF aerial which is gathering dust in the garage. With my 'new' secondhand 30" widescreen CRT,
I would finally have a turn of the century setup!

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  #340817 11-Jun-2010 22:21
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Our home entertainment systems are either PCs (watching DVDs) or the kids' XBox which has an HD TV and speaker system attached. It is not tuned in to anything ... but will be if I win the giveaway.

A friend who lives with us has SKY TV in her room so I can watch rugby tests, football world cup, and other such events.

By choice we haven't had a TV for most of the quarter century we've been married. When other families wanted to show their kids that they could survive without a TV, they sent their TV to us for a few weeks. Their kids wouldn't moan too much because they were told that they were helping other kids that didn't have a TV.

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  #340837 11-Jun-2010 23:28
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My old man has a Sony 40" TV with Freeview which he really enjoys using when he gets it on the right input and channel.

As he is approaching the big 65 this year he will have to join the retirement club and miss all the programs and movies he so enjoys because we all know pensioners get up at 5am and go to bed by 7pm. He really needs a PVR so he can record all those late shows and watch them the next morning.

Not to mention the need to pause TV for extended periods for pitstops...which take an age these days ;-)

I think the Magic TV box will look great in his new house with his custom made entertianment area.

Home Server: AMD Threadripper 1950X, 64GB, 56TB HDD, Define R6 Case, 10GbE, ESXi 6.7, UNRAID, NextPVR, Emby Server, Plex Server.
Lounge Media Center: NVIDIA Shield TV 16GB: Kodi18 with Titan MOD, Emby.
Kids Media Center: NVIDIA Shield TV 16GB: Kodi18 with Titan MOD, Emby.
Main PC: Ryzen 7 2700, 16GB RAM, RX 570, 2 x 24"

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Ultimate Geek

  #340849 12-Jun-2010 00:17
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50" Panasonic Plasma

50" Panasonic Plasma
JC Matthew DVB-T

Would give the JC Matthew freeview box to in-laws and put the Magic MTV3600TD in the lounge. We would then be able to record all the kids shows from Kidzone (6) and not have them clog up our MySky.

.....c'mon sucker lick my battery........
binary solo...0000110000110000111...

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  #340854 12-Jun-2010 01:13
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I'm living with my girlfriend in a one bedroom apartment. We have an old 14" TV in the bedroom which doesn't get used.

In our lounge with have a Freeview DSE-620HD using Olevia firmware (so works as simple PVR) hooked up to a KTC monitor (21" 16:10 i think) with HDMI. Our PS2 (also unused) and $30 philips DVD player plug into a two three-way AV switches (designed for composite, but i send through component) to the LCD monitor.

Sound is through simple AV cables via one of the 3-way switches to the apartment's stock philips stereo.

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  #340870 12-Jun-2010 05:53
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A Samsung 58" Plasma TV , Panasonic Sound System and Panasonic Blu-Ray. Tivo and Xbox 360 Elite.

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#340871 12-Jun-2010 05:59
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I take care of the SMATV system in our Auckland CBD apartment building.  This volunteer work helps keep an aging cable television engineer busy and out of trouble.  Our five level 1923 era building is surrounded by taller buildings and the VHF and UHF television reception is marginal.  Poor reception means we pick up many channels using Freeview Satellite and then put them on our local system on an unused UHF channel.  Not an ideal situation but the picture quality is better than direct off air reception provides.

Along came Freeview|HD with the Sky Tower as a transmitter site.   Looking upward, from the top of our building, the top of the Sky Tower is just visible about one kilometer away.  Eureka!  At last strong, interference free television signals!  A new vertically polarised antenna, re-arrangement of UHF channels at the system headend, a bit of tuning and Freeview|HD became available.  The picture quality is dazzling.

I have been promoting Freeview|HD and myFreeview|HD receiver use for the 24 flats in the building.  I encourage anyone buying a new TV to make sure that the set has Freeview built in.  Slowly we are making the transition from analogue, standard definition to digital, high definition.  

My goal is that everyone in the building makes the transition to digital television well before analogue television broadcasting ceases (2015?) in New Zealand.  I can then greatly simplify the building's television headend by turning off the analogue UHF modulators.  No more analogue television but Freeview|HD, Freeview Satellite and SKY would all be available in the brave new world.

I have a Magic TV DVR and love it.  If I were to win the geekzone giveaway I would have a similar giveaway among our building residents to help us move closer to all digital television reception.


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