I suspect this may have been triggered by TVNZ playing around with EPG data, as at the time of live coverage of a rugby match on MTV, TV1's EGP data was displaying "Confidential" (Friday 2030). Then I had failed recordings for half the news, Closeup, and only got half of Jonathon Ross Show, although this was not appearing at all in the EPG.
Different tuners could have had different responses to scrambled EPG data, hence the variation in peoples' experiences.
This is typical TVNZ behaviour to try to influence viewer ratings. Look at the re-scheduling of Coro St to before One News.
Here is a highly popular programme being used to pull an audience to their channel which will then hopefully hold them into their News. At the same time it opens a peak hour slot for them to put Aus Masterchef into - an increasingly marketable programme as it reaches its final outcome. A double whammy masterstroke! Watch the trailering of Masterchef grow to fever pitch in coming weeks.

It's all about marketing. Do you think they care a jot about viewer convenience??

I know what I think.