Hi All

I can't seem to get my Happauge (MCE apparently) remote (colour : Black) to work with Media Portal (MediaPortal)

I have :
installed it drivers etc
within MP :
                  set the correct remote in Tv Server config.
                  in the IrTrans Config (in MP) turn it on to use a hauppauge instead of mediacenter. This meant copying the happauge file that comes with MP and calling irTrans happauge.xml.

My 4 directional arrows buttons work when navigating around MP. However, when I playing back movies the usually rewind, forward, play, pause, skip button do not operate at all.

In addition, the coloured buttons do nothing as well as the four buttons which is tv, radio, full scrreen etc (on mine) they are situated under the number key 1 to 0.

I have a nova-t-500 dual tuner digital.

Could someone please assist if possible?