Hi all !!

I want to grab epg data for a station in Europe, and to compensate for the time diference. The time diference varies along the year, it is +11 hours now, but is drops to +10 and then to +9; I believe the grabber has to have an "user input" parameter to ask for the time diference in order to shift the start/end times with the required amount. Due to the significant time diference, most of the time the date will change as well.

If a developer is willing to look into this, any help will be highly appreciated.

The public website hosting the tv guide can do the time / date correction (using drop down list to set the time diference) and then displays the updated tv programe on the screen, but the only option you have is "print". Which I happily did for the last years.

I am thinking to take the xml data created and copy/paste it into the "tvguide.xml" created by DJKXML. This is why the epg grabbed for the european station HAS to have the same format with the data written in "tvguide.xml", to be just a "copy/paste" operation. More than this and I believe many potential users will be put off. If the process of adding the xml data to the "tvguide.xml" file can be automated, this would be really brilliant !!

Please contact me and I will help with address of the public website to grab data from, screen shots, translations, all what might be required by the developer.

Any help will be highly appreciated.

This might be of interest for many other users as well, getting ethnic tv stations off Optus B3(Russian, Romanian, Dutch, the list continues). Now the HTPCs enter our lounges and we are living in a digital era, so the printed TV Guide should be a thing of the past.