I can get Samsung Tvs through work at cost price - and i am wondering which one i should buy?

I am thinking of the Series 6 40inch (LA40A650) http://www.samsung.com/nz/consumer/detail/spec.do?group=television&type=television&subtype=lcdtv&model_cd=LA40A650A1RXRD

Intended use is MediaPortal Freeview TV, Blu-Ray (Eventually) movies, but would also like a big PC monitor in the lounge for gaming, browsing, mail etc. This model seems to get good reviews etc.

Has anyone has any experience with these models?

I have intel dg45id mobo, with x4500HD integrated graphics adaptor, however i may need to upgrade graphicsfor games, and i have pre-approval from leader of opposition for upgrade path, so not a big deal if i need upgrade to realise intended use, but n ot going to be a good look if i do a forklift on the new TV.

I would welcome opintions on whether this is a goer for my intended purpose.