I have just installed a WinTV HVR900HD USB tuner I've had for a while to my new laptop running Windows 7 home premium 64bit. The tuner came with v 1.1 software which was hopeless. I've since installed v 1.3 which is a vast improvement, but livetv hangs after running for a few minutes. By clicking the stop button, then the TV button, it runs OK again for a short while, the hangs again - audio and video freezes.

The laptop as a VAIO F series 115FGB - nvidia 310M video, i5-520m.
The Nvidia website doesn't seem to show the 310m at present, but I'll revist occasionally to check for new drivers.

Although Hauppauge indicate the software is good for Win7x64, it feels like a (x32) driver issue.

Anybody have any suggestions?