I have recently purchased a Western Digital My Book Live 2TB NAS drive and am in the process of setting it up.

Here is my current setup/equipment:

Desktop PC (windows 7) - Freeview Satellite recording through Windows meda Centre
Desktop PC (windows 7) - parents PC for work mainly
Laptop (windows 7) - parents for email internet etc
Laptop (windows 7) - girlfriends for university and personal
3 Android Smartphones
Panasonic Viera v20 - dlna streaming
PS3 - dlna streaming

I intend to use the My Book Live as a backup drive for all PC's/Laptops and also to store media (recorded tv, itunes library) for access by all devices.

I have currently copied all documents and pictures to the drive as a backup and am in the process of doing image backups of all system partitions onto the drive.
I have been playing with options for media streaming and and am having trouble deciding the best way to do it.

wtv files recorded from media centre are not picked up by the twonky server on the my book live, even though they play fine on the Panasonic TV (streamed direct from PC). So i have set up MCEBuddy to convert all recorded tv to H.264 MP4 (no resize) and then put the output file straight onto the NAS. Twonky picks up all these files straight away no trouble but they wont play on the TV, they do however play on the PS3 attached to the TV so i suppose that is ok.

Does anyone know of a format i could convert to, to get the Panasonic V20 to play and twonky to pick up the files, also would it be better to convert the files onto the internal HDD then copy once a day or something onto the NAS, currently the NAS is being written to alot from the PC making streaming at the same time problematic.

What is the best way to serve recorded TV using a my book live?