Hey everyone,

I've recently put my 2degree modem stick in one of those extra "safe" places and can't find it now. I'm going to see if I can transfer the 10gb data remaining over to another 2Degrees Sim and hopefully use it with a Vodafone vodem I have since I don't really want to buy another modem stick.

Anyway, I've read that these things work on both networks, but my 2Degrees phone SIM didn't work in the Vodem when I tried it the other night. I can't seem to find any search results on this and am not sure whether I makes changes to the Vodafone or the 2Degrees software.

I'm hoping that someone can provide instructions for getting my Vodem to work on the 2Degress network. I guess I need to know how make to make the required setup changes to EITHER the Vodafone or the 2degrees interface software with respect to the APN and other numbers (or whatever). I'm in the Hutt Valley if that is important and the Vodem is a K3772-Z model. I imagine that such instructions would be quite useful to a number of people over time, so perhaps making any instructions given into a sticky post here would be useful.

Also, what changes are needed to make the Vodafone MyFi work under 2Degrees if I have to buy one of those instead.

Thanks in advance if you're able to help.