I just want to say that after problems with my speed at slingshot (3MPS at best usually around 2.5MPS) in Royal Oak/Three Kings Auckland, many tech call outs, trying to convince Slingshot that it was not a problem on our end (we have a master filter installed) to no avail, my change to Snap has been rewarded with speeds of 10MPS for our ADSL connection. 

Sometimes you just need to change ISP. 

There was some problems when changing where an incapable chorus technician disconnected everything on their first attempt, however, when finally connected I am very happy with Snap speeds. 

Very happy with the customer support I received throughout changing from Slingshot (minimal call centre wait times,and calls from Snap updating the situtation) and because of the chorus stuff up snap has given us the 100gb data pack for free for six months. Very impressed. 

Keep up the good work!