I am a big 2degrees fan, and was one of their first customers.
My gripe is that even on a pay monthly plan, where my minutes and texts are good for NZ and now Australia too, but I still have to pay 20c to check my voicemail!
It just seems to me now with such great value compared with say 5 years ago, we get much much more that we used to. But simply checking voicemail costs the same as it did perhaps 10 years ago [citation needed].

Just my Friday night gripe.


p.s. why can't I buy more cheaper data for my plan? 10 bucks more a month for another 250mb? Argh. Buying a 12GB value pack for $99 is more than I need. How about a 6GB that last 6 months for $50? Or make the 12 GB good for 12 months?