Hey guys

Anyone else noticed some anomalies with the Snap address checker?  I checked out the UFF address checker today, and it clicked over to Service Ready this morning.  So I went onto Snaps website and put our address in and, nope, UFB not available.  Put our next door neighbours address in, Yes, you can get UFB(we are in a cul-de-sac).  Ive figured out that random street numbers down our street can get UFB and others cant.  Ive figured out its to do with the way the suburb and city is setup for the address.  Im in suburb xx and City xx, but our next door neighbour who can get it, is listed as Suburb yy, city zz.  

Any ideas how this can be remedied?  Im itching to join Snap for UFB and have been waiting on phone for a while, but due to work i cant stay on for ages at a time :(  


EDIT: Seems to be a fault with UFFs data, as other providers show the same problem. :S