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# 136405 26-Nov-2013 10:43
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Hi Guys
I am wanting to get some advice and confirmation on my VDSL install over the last 5 days.

I was on ADSL with Slingshot but wanted a faster upload option. I am in a cable area but the Vodafone Caps are not appealing.
I started investigating VDSL as an option and I have identified all the requirements needed to be able to get VDSL at my home. I looked at the attenuation and tried to identify the distance to the cabinet.  

Unfortunately I did not make a screen shot of my ADSL line settings before the VDSL change occurred, but I knew Chorus has a hard line on the attenuation of 10.8dB and I knew I had to make sure this would be ok. 
I do remember that on my ADSL it was 13dB. I also know that between the modem and Chorus test there is about 2dB difference. So when I called Telecom and Snap about the VDSL.
I was sure that I would be in the Chorus target range or just over it.  

My ADSL throughput before the VDSL change was around 20/1.3.  

SO This is what happened.

Order was booked with Chorus to install my VDSL. A Tech needed to come onsite and install the master splitter.  Friday the 22th Nov he came out, did the install. Told me that he tested my line before he came out and I look all good for VDSL.
30 min later splitter was installed, and we hooked the SNAP fritz!box 7360 up and nothing. 
DSL link did not want to connect. So he called home and asked them to switch the line over to VDSL. He told me that the modem mite not be configured correctly so went to his van and got his own modem. He never did a Snap VDSL before, only Telecom.  

Thinking nothing of it at the time. 

He tested the line and it came up with 13/1 on his modem. 
He called home again to make sure they switched me over to a VDSL profile. (Could not hear what the guy on the other side said), but the Tech told me that I may be over the 1km threshold and the system will automatically switch it back to ADSL.

So I said but that speeds is not even what I got on ADSL? and he said it could be the VDSL profile.  

So he told me that I may not be able to get VDSL here.
I said but you tested it before hand and you said it will be ok?
So he said there is nothing he can do cause the system is automatic, do I want to switch back to ADSL?
I said yes cause I got better speeds on ADSL than what it is now.

So I asked him if he can make sure that he did not do anything at the cabinet. So he quickly left(Weird)  

20 min later he called me on my mobile, and told me that he zeroed his van's mileage before he left my home and I am 900m from the cabinet, but when he tested the line I am 1090m from the cabinet. So he said I will not be able to get VDSL cause I am 90m over the 1km threshold.  

So here I got really worried, cause during my investigation I know there is VDSL profiles but there is no information that a VDSL profile will affect my line speed so that I am worse of than what I was on ADSL. 

So I called snap and asked them what now. "Chorus said I can't get VDSL and I have no ADSL at present."
I have to say Snap was very helpfull but they could not do much until Chorus released the line. 
Over the course of the weekend I called Snap every morning and night to find out what is going on as I do not have any internet and do rely on it heavily for  my VoIP phones lines and work stuff.
Yesterday morning(Monday) I phoned again. Snap had put in another escalation to Chorus to find out what is going on. 1h later I got a phone call from Snap and was told that Chorus had canceled the order and they need to put in a new order to move my ADSL service over to Snap from my old provider.  

In the mean time I am getting SMS's from my old provider saying my line is now active and they are very happy I am on board. I phone them to make sure they do not reactivate my account, just wanted to make sure they are not stopping the request from Snap.  

I finally got internet back online last night(Monday) around 6pm. First thing I looked at was my line stats. I was horrified!!!   
Inline images 1
Inline images 2  

I would not be able to get VDSL at this attenuation. 
My Throughput dropped by almost 7mbps.
How is this possible, what did these guys do to my line?

I phoned snap was on hold for 2 hours, really 2 hours. (not a happy camper)

Finally got to talk to a tech at snap, he took about 5 min reading my novel on my account. (only a 5 day old account) He said on this settings Chorus will not come out to install VDSL, they will just cancel the order, and I said I know. But as you can see they have tried the install already so obviously they knew I was ok before? Right?  

So he asked me about how the line is connected, is there any wiring other than Chorus wiring involved? So I explained, the Wire is coming out of the ground into the box with the master splitter, then he installed a cat5 cable from the box to a Rj45 terminal, from that terminal to the modem.
That cable was supplied by Snap but have changed it to just make sure its not the cable.

So he said ok just need to make me aware that if they find that this is a wiring fault of mine I will need to pay, so I just reconfirm who owns the wire out of the ground and he said Chorus, Then I said fine, there is no wiring of mine in the loop.

So a call has now been logged with Chorus.

For my Questions,
1) what the guy said about the system automatically switching me back to ADSL, is that true? if so why do we need a Tech onsite?
2) Could the Master splitter affect my line? I can't disconnect it to test be cause I need to cut the wires.
3) Could he have put me on another wire or something? He was at the cabinet before he came over and after, and he did say he tested it before hand and all was good to go!
4) this 1km(10,8dB) If I was just over would that mean I will not get VDSL at all or would I see a bit of an improvement from my ADSL? I was expecting a bit better service than the ADSL, but I do understand on the current settings it will never work.

I am now waiting for a call from Chorus to come out and have a look what is going on. Is there anything I can do or get the Chorus guys to do, to get me back in the VDSL window?  

Sorry about the big novel.  
Thanks for your help

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Uber Geek

Lifetime subscriber

  # 940880 26-Nov-2013 10:43
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Hello... Our robot found some keywords in your post, so here is an automated reply with some important things to note regarding broadband speeds.



If you are posting regarding DSL speeds please check that



- you have reset your modem and router



- your PC (or other PCs in your LAN) is not downloading large files when you are testing


- you are not being throttled by your ISP due to going over the monthly cap



- your tests are always done on an ethernet connection to the router - do not use wireless for testing



- you read this topic and follow the instructions there.



Make sure you provide information for other users to help you. If you have not already done it, please EDIT your post and add this now:



- Your ISP and plan



- Type of connection (ADSL, ADSL2, VDSL)



- Your modem DSL stats (do not worry about posting Speedtest, we need sync rate, attenuation and noise margin)



- Your general location (or street)



- If you are rural or urban



- If you know your connection is to an exchange, cabinet or conklin



- If your connection is to a ULL or wholesale service



- If you have done an isolation test as per the link above



Most of the problems with speed are likely to be related to internal wiring issues. Read this discussion to find out more about this. Your ISP is not intentionally slowing you down today (unless you are on a managed plan). Also if this is the school holidays it's likely you will notice slower than usual speed due to more users online.



A master splitter is required for VDSL2 and in most cases will improve speeds on DSL connections. Regular disconnections can be a monitored alarm or a set top box trying to connect. If there's an alarm connected to your line even if you don't have an alarm contract it may still try to connect so it's worth checking.



I recommend you read these two blog posts:



- Is your premises phone wiring impacting your broadband performance? (very technical)



- Are you receiving a substandard ULL ADSL2+ connection from your ISP?

I am the Geekzone Robot and I am here to help. I am from the Internet. I do not interact. Do not expect other replies from me.

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Uber Geek
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  # 940893 26-Nov-2013 10:46
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Wow I can't read that


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  # 940898 26-Nov-2013 10:52
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Sorry Guys

Dam copy and past..

I did fix it now!!
Sorry again


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Uber Geek
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  # 940899 26-Nov-2013 10:54
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Looks much better now :)

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Uber Geek

  # 940900 26-Nov-2013 10:54
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Just after I read the big block-o-text, paragraphs emerge - should have waited ;-)

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Uber Geek

  # 940903 26-Nov-2013 10:58
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If your attenuation on ADSL has gone from 13dB to 36dB then something has clearly gone wrong, and an attenuation that high would have significant detrimental effects on VDSL.

It is possible it is a faulty master splitter, or poor joint in the new wiring - uncommon, but possible.

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  # 940907 26-Nov-2013 11:03
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I did ask him about the master splitter but he said it will not affect the line, will only make it better.

If the modem connected there I would have told him he messed up, but the weird thing was, the modem only started connecting after he called me when he was at the cabinet.

So this could be something he did? or not done correctly?


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Uber Geek

  # 940909 26-Nov-2013 11:08
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If Chorus are booked to come out, I'd suggest making sure the tech is aware of the jump from 13 to 36dB attenuation - it's an indication of a defective joint or similar, and should assist them with diagnosis.

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  # 940910 26-Nov-2013 11:09
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Cool I will tell him when he comes out.

Is there a way that I can find out exactly my distance from the cabinet?

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Uber Geek

  # 940911 26-Nov-2013 11:11
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In my view new connections should come with a disclaimer --- it may take several weeks of trial and diagnosis to stabilise your new connection during which time you may be intermittently or wholly without internet/phone service.

Your issues are probably not abnormal for new connections. Just wait and see what chorus has to say.

A master splitter should only improve your connection unless it is faulty or installed incorrectly --- if it were installed incorrectly though, I don't imagine you would have any vdsl.

I wonder, if it is possible you have a faulty fritzbox -- this happened to me but in my case it wouldn't connect at all.

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  # 940913 26-Nov-2013 11:15
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Good point..

Maybe I should configure my old Linksys ADSL can see how that looks.

Seeing that I am on ADSL again.. :(

The think that I am frustrated at is that if I had any indication that I would not be able to get VDSL I would not have signed up for a 24 months contract.

Would have gone cable and just reduce my downloading and only profile to accommodate the vodafone Caps.

lets hope Chorus can get this sorted and I can still move to VDSL

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Uber Geek

  # 941075 26-Nov-2013 14:27
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fastie81: Good point..

Maybe I should configure my old Linksys ADSL can see how that looks.

Seeing that I am on ADSL again.. :(

The think that I am frustrated at is that if I had any indication that I would not be able to get VDSL I would not have signed up for a 24 months contract.

Would have gone cable and just reduce my downloading and only profile to accommodate the vodafone Caps.

lets hope Chorus can get this sorted and I can still move to VDSL

you should be able to get out of said contract since they can't provide you with said service...

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  # 941080 26-Nov-2013 14:31
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I am surly going to play that card if Chorus can't fix this mess

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Uber Geek

  # 941423 27-Nov-2013 07:30
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Wow you must be so frustrated and anxious. I'm sure you'll get it sorted out though.

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  # 941452 27-Nov-2013 08:28
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you can say that again.

So Snap said Chorus will be coming out today. 

Will update when I know more.

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