Got a text this morning at 9.26 from snap advising that my connection was all setup
And just after 11am I checked my account online and I see that they have now changed my plan from Broadband and Calling @ Home to Lightwave Ultimate Unlimted
I also have a automatic adjustment of my bill for July/August to reflect the new plan

Additional $24 added for the new plan, and then $15 removed for the extra data pack I know longer need.
The only question I have is that I seem to still be paying insurance on the Wiring - see if it turns up next month.

Due to the extra box Chorus installed, our semi old cordless phone and REALLY old corded phone work as they used to in the BT jackpoints around the house, so no need for me to stuff around with any settings on the FritzBox for phone
We have no need for an answer phone.

Again SUPER HAPPY - thanks Snap