Oblivian: As I alluded to, for provisioning you are best to leave the shipped ver on there. Especially if it is shown as a beta that's not found online. This Is the customised version that they use to push updates etc to. I had a generic firmware, and all of a sudden when I had more than 4 consecutive linespeed connections it would drop PPP.

Had to call them, and I wasn't found easily as the router wasn't in the management nor had the recent changes required to fix that issue pushed to it. Flashed with the customised back end version and voila. Fixed. Also means updated telephony changes can be pushed if you are using their VOIP service.

As far as I am aware 6.30 isn't a beta but a full release, it is available on both the Australian and German websites if I remember rightly the latest beta release was either 6.35/6.

I mean when looking at versions, The provisioned versions show as beta :)

FRITZ!OS 06.10-29288 BETA