So my experience dealing with 2degrees and the Note7 recall has been stressful to say the least :(


Called into the shop weeks ago to return my note 7 and was advised to call the 0800 number to organise the delivery of my new Note7 and that the pickup of my old Note 7 would be organised through the service center


Called the 0800 number and after been transferred to different departments i was hung up on


Finally got hold of someone after waiting 20 minutes on hold on my second call and was advised that i had to go to the store to organise my new Note7..................


Drove back to the store and explained to the staff there what i was told by the service center. The lady took my old Note7 and advised that my new Note would turn up in the mail.


Nothing arrived in the mail but i did get a text message from them stating that i should expect my Note7 to be dispatched within 24 hours which was fAnTaStIc apart from the fact that the message was sent on the 27th of last month :( and yet no phone. 


So i ring the 0800 number for 2degrees and get told that "no the message wasn't sent to you on the 27th of last month it was actually sent on the 30th" which is confusing considering im looking at the text message on my crappy interim phone that states the 27th and im pretty sure id know considering i was the one that received the message. Anyway i tell customer support that lets not argue over the dates and concentrate on me getting my replacement Note7 as its been longer than 24 hours even if it was supposed to be dispatched on the 30th. The lady on the phone said "hmm well we can see that we have authorised for your phone to be sent out but it appears that it hasn't happened and we cant tell you anything more unfortunately but let me send an email to the team responsible"


Several more calls to customer service over the past couple of days has unfortunately gotten me no closer to finding out what is going on, apart from the delivery address they have was totally wrong (lucky for me no replacement phone has been dispatched) they were planning to send it to Auckland when im based in Rotorua


So far not impressed with the lack of understanding on what the process is regarding this whole recall situation, and am not confident my new phone will arrive, guess ill just have to wait and see and if not then ill waist more of my work days chasing up 2degress.


Ill be sure to invoice 2degress for my time lost trying to navigate the total lack of understanding and miscommunication. It would be great if i could speak to one person who could give me solid answers as to what is going on