I am using a Huawei data-card to stream live video to a Wowza server, and over the last few days I have noticed my connection is being forcibly closed at around 900 seconds - consistently.


The connection is not idle, as 1Mbps of live video is passing over it.


Af first I suspected my Wowza server, however, opening an SSL connection to another server demonstrated the same 'remote end terminated connection' at 900 seconds.


So I switched to my Vodafone sim... no problems.


I switched to my Spark sim... again, no problems.




I tried the same test, using my iPhone X (which is on a 2degrees SIM - a different SIM to my initial test).


Guess what... remote disconnect at 900 seconds!!!




What's going on? Why is 2degrees terminating my TCP connections when they reach 900 seconds old?