Yesterday  I got notification my $9 carry over prepay plan was due to renew. Fine, I was looking at changing it to the $19 plan anyway.


So logged into today, clicked the option to stop the $9 plan. It said done, so then went to Add Ons and selected the $19 plan. Then noticed $9 was missing from my account - so my choice was not able to be actioned.. Checked the existing plans, didnt show any. 


Then I get a text 15mins later advising the auto renewal for the $9 plan was stopped. I go back in and Im back on the $9 plan. Then an hour later, I get another text to say my plan has auto-renewed. 


Seems to be a massive delay between selecting options in the 2D website, and the actions actually being done but the website says theyre done, leading to confusion. So I'm stuck on the $9 plan for another month now.....